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Thor's Hammer Pendant with Amber Stone

Thor's Hammer Pendant with Amber Stone
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Thunder-dragon pendant inset with genuine amber stone.

  • Masterfully Crafted in England
  • Cast in Fine English Pewter
  • Real Amber Gemstone at Heart!
  • Carved Wyrm Head with Mouth Clenching Chain
  • Authentic Norse Runes
  • Celtic Knot-Work Etchings
  • Thor and a Dragon--Coolest Combination Ever!
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Thor's Dragon Pendant

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A classic, ornate and highly intricate amulet of power and protection, fit for a high ranking Saxon or Viking leader/warlord. The head of a Celtic dragon has been sculpted to bite the chain that it hangs from. Celtic knot-work embellishes this hammer and is set with a highly-prised, polished translucent, genuine amber gemstone (Allowing natural flaws to be seen against the light).

The runes on the back of this pendant read THONAR, which translates as THUNDER in the 'Old Saxon' language written in 'Eldar Futhark' runes. This language and rune-form dates to the eighth century ( 700 AD ) and was used by the germanic Saxon people who had colonised (or conquered) most of England at that time.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width 2.5 inches x Height 1 inches x Depth 0.39 inches

Chain Length:
The heart's ribbon is 21 inches long and fastened by a 1.5-inch adjuster chain. The sword's chain is 21 inches long with a carabineer fastener.

Fine English Pewter with Swarovski Crystal.

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