Hand Crossbow
European Hand Crossbow 

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Replica, Non-Firing European Hand Crossbow
Ornate Detailing on Metal Parts
Stylish, Unique European Design
Actual Working Mechanism (non-firing)
Made in Spain by Master Weaponcrafters

 Small, easily concealed and devestatingly stylish, this hand crossbow could have served a dozen different purposes. In the hands of nobles, it would have been an ideal sport weapon, good for target practice or hunting small game. In the hands of a more ... uh ... unscrupulous owner, this crossbow would have been a devastating way to deliver a shock of poison into an opponent. And, in the hands of a deranged fat man wearing tiny angel wings and a white toga, it could have been a way of advancing his fantasy of being the embodiment of Cupid, shooting young lovers around the castle as he cackled and yelled "Ha! Another love connection!!" (I believe I need psychological help. Please. Send a psychologist. They keep me locked here in the dark, pounding out these descriptions with nothing to keep me company but dozens of weapons. Dear God, make it stop...)

Please pay no mind to those rantings. We now continue with the description of this hand crossbow.

Although too small to be used in battle, this type of crossbow could certainly have been a lethal weapon at close range. With the medical techniques of the middle ages and early rennaisance, a bolt wound like this one could easily have killed its target, assuming the aggressor hit a vital area. The spring-taught iron arms would have propelled the bolt deep into an opponent's unarmored body.

Although this crossbow doesn't actually fire, all of the mechanisms work, including the trigger and the hook that retracts, releasing the bow string. The bow was crafted in Spain, with fascinating, intricate carvings on most of the metal. The barrel of the crossbow arches downward in a beautiful half circle, and the arms of the bow have a stylish double-curve.

A curved wooden stock fits perfectly in the palm of the hand and is compact enough to allow concealment. A thin. two-edged quarrel slides easily into a notch at the front of the crossbow and completes the reprodcution.

This is a fantastic and unique piece to add to any costume, and an even better display piece. The craftsmanship is flawless and the orginality of it is unmatched.

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