Pirate Flintlock
Pirate Pistol, Blunderbuss 

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Pirate's Blunderbuss Flinlock Pistol
Beautifully Crafted Flintlock Reproduction from Spain
Features Pirate Skull and Crossbones on Stock
Working Trigger and Striking Mechanism
Large, Intimidating Blunderbuss Barrel
Intricately Carved and Embosssed Steel Casings

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Pirate Blunderbuss Flintlock Brass Finish
 (Originally $59) |     This item is no longer available.

We all know that pirates and flintlocks go together like sharks and teeth. We equally know that some pirates would fly the Jolly Roger flag, featuring a skull and crossbones to let victim ships know that they would give no quarter. Well, Feast your eyes (and hands) on the perfect combination of those two pirate staples.

This replica pirate flintlock reproduction is similar to ones found in the 17th and 18th centuries. It is a slim, efficient killing weapon (though non-firing), with fully working locks and trigger. A simulated redwood stock has the perfect combination of grain and grittiness. This differs from our SBC-PIRATEFLINTLOCK in that it has a huge, intimidating blunderbuss barell. These types of barells were particularly adapted to ship-based combat, where loading flintlock pistols was about as easy as performing a vasectomy on yourself while riding a rollercoaster. (see the "History" tab below for more info on Blunderbuss pistols)

Engraved steel lock plates on the front and back tell a little about the history of this weapon. The words "Manufatures Se Snt. Etienne" reveal that the original weapon was built in France, at the St. Etienne Aresenal. This manufacturer was a very popular flintlock maker in the late 17th century and early 18th century. It continued to make weapons long into the 20th century, designing several guns that were used in World War I. On the rear side of the pistol are the numbers "206." Here ate Strongblade, we pride ourselves on always telling the truth, so here we go: We have no idea what those numbers mean. If anyone knows, feel free to drop us a line.

If you're looking for an addition to your pirate costume, you can't get much better than this weapon.

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The flintlock pistol was the greatest advance in pirating since the wooden leg. The concept was fairly simple: gunpowder was stuffed into the barrel. A lead ball, usually wrapped in some sort of fabric, was stuffed in. A hammer was then pulled back half-way and left that way until the gun was ready to fire. The pistol technically was not meant to fire in this position, although sometimes they were known to go off half-cocked (and yes, that is the origin of that expression). When the gun was ready to be fired, the hammer was pulled back all the way and the trigger was squeezed. If you're feeling flinty, go check out the Strongblade selection of flintlock pistols, blunderbuss pistols and flintlock rifles.
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