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The dagger arrived today and is really beautiful, it will look terrific in my wall display. I’ll be back to shop again soon.
Thanks again.


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Sword of the Apocalypse

Sword of the Apocalypse
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Two-handed, Fucntional Foam Sword with Amazing Detail

  • The Most Elaborate LARP Sword That We Sell
  • Gorgeous Details Throughout the Sword
  • High Performance Hybrid Core for Maximum Performance
  • Two-Handed for Better Hacking Power
  • Features Death, Apocalypse Horses, Skulls, Kings and More
  • Extremely Durable and Insan
  • Models on Sale
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Two-handed Sword of the Apocalypse
Accessories - Sword Hangers
Out of Stock
LARP Sword Frog, Black, Right Hand Draw(worn on left hip)
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LARP Sword Frog, Black, Left Hand Draw(worn on right hip)
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LARP Sword Frog, Brown, Right Hand Draw(worn on left hip)
LARP Sword Frog, Brown, Left Hand Draw(worn on right hip)

* Stock items ship from Strongblade in 1-3 days. Please allow an additonal day for engraving or sharpening.
The Apocalypse is such a cool concept. The end of the world. Dead people rising like zombies. Fire in the sky. Skeletal men riding horses. An epic battle for the fate of humanity with burning meteorites sizzling through the air. Small people wearing boots on their hands and jelly smeared over their feet. Semi-naked women eating handfuls of mayonnaise. Bubbling pools of beer everywhere. Um. Well, that's sort of my vision, really. I'm not quite sure if that's the verbatim biblical account of it.

This 42-inch-long two-handed sword is the perfect match for everything I just described (except maybe the small people with the shoes on their hands). It is quite possibly the most elaborate foam sword that we sell, and one of the strongest, too. The entire thing is built around a ridiculously powerful carbon fiber hybrid core. Yes, this core gives it amazing strength and durability, but it also transfers the energy of a swing beautifully for a realistic strike every time.

But you're not reading this to learn about swing mechanics or energy physics, are you? (I'm actually not really sure if there is such a thing as ʽenergy physics. And if there is, I'm not sure it really applies here. But it does make me sound a whole lot smarter, doesn't it?) (editor's note: yes, right up to the point where you told everybody that you don't know what it means). You're reading to find out more about the glorious carvings that grace every inch of the guard and pommel of this sword.

Well, you really couldn't ask for cooler things carved onto a sword (read my sentence about the women and the mayonnaise above for a possible exception). Death Himself forms the grip on this sword. So, when you tell people that you hold death in your hands, you'll be telling them the God's honest. The sword also features the skeletal riders of the Apocalypse, an hourglass, scales, two heads impaled on swords (one on each side, including the head of a king), a harpy, a crazy all-seeing eye, a winged angel/demon (you pick) on the pommel, and more scrollwork and vine patterns than you can shake a weedwacker at (there's a lot more in there, but you can look at it yourself when you buy it.)

This sword is probably the finest LARP sword that we sell. Structurally, it's almost indestructible. Aesthetically, it's unmatched. Overall, it's one two-handed sword that you'll want to take everywhere.

Materials: Rugged, Weather-resitant, shock-resistant foam. Anchored with a hybrid, carbon-fiber performance core.
Total Length: 42 inches
Blade: 30 inches
Crossguard: 9 inches
Hilt: 12 inches
Hilt Color: Silver and Gold
Weight : 1.1 lb


Extreme Puncture Resistance
Puncture and Tear Resistant
Virtually Indestructible
Virtually Indestructible
Foam Always Returns to Form
Always Returns to Form
Cores are fused to the foam
Perrformance Cores Fused to Foam
THe best looking LARP Swords on the Market
Among The Best Looking Swords on the Market

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The pollaxe (or polaxe, or poleaxe) became popular in the 14th and 15th centuries, during the golden age of plate mail. Armor became so strong during this time that it became really, really difficult to actually kill anyone (well, anyone of importance, right?). So the polaxe was created. A long shaft, crowned with a steel head that featured an axe-blade on one side and a spike or hammer-head on the other. And usually with another spike at the top, just to make it deadly from any angle.