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LARP Warrior Sabre

LARP Warrior Sabre
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LARP Warrior Sabre

  • Part of our Conqueror Series
  • Meticulously Crafted to Look Weathered and Tough
  • Astounding Attention to Detail
  • Perfect for LARP, Costume, or High Impact
  • High Impact Carbon Inner Rod for Durability
  • Safe and Approved by Many LARP Organizations
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LARP Warrior Sabre

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The Falchion is the perfect sword for any Gitan or other warrior cast in the Saladin mould. It is simple to use, and with a simple flick of the hand you are bound to scare any opponent.
This type of sabre has always had more weight at the tip of the blade making it particularly effective for attacks that slash side to side.
Although the Falchion Messer is usually associated with Arabic warriors it has also been used by English, French and especially German combatants. This sword reflects the medieval period and would suit any character in a fantasy setting.
Overall Length: 37 in
Blade Length: 26.5 in
Cross Guard Length: 7.25 in
Hilt Length: 10.5 in
Colors: Black and Bronze

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