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Hector Barbossa Sword

Hector Barbossa Sword
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The sword of Captain Hector Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Limited Edition!
  • Beautifully Crafted Clamshell-Style Gaurds
  • Carefree Stainless Steel Blade
  • Comes with Gorgeous Framed Mounting Plaque
  • Exact Replica of Barbossa's Sword!
  • Weathered Stainless Blade with Full Tang
  • Individually Numbered Plaque & Certificate of
This item is no longer available

If not for Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbossa easily would have been the most entertaining character in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Geoffrey Rush's Barbossa is about as endearing and simultaneously vile a character as you can find. His skill with the sword is perhaps even better than Jack Sparrow's, and his sword itelf is a notch more classy than the rugged, scrappy sword used by Sparrow.

This sword, an antiqued stainless steel blade with a marvelous full tang, fits Barbossa's personality and status well. It features an elegant clamshell motif, best expressed in the gorgeous swept hilt. The clamshell guard, very popular in the 17th and 18th century, was used to protect the hand from your opponent's blade. It was usually formed by two flat pieces of round, ornamented steel on each side of the hand. Making the gaurd actually shaped like a real clamshell adds a bit of ingenuity and humor to the sword (two words which describe captain Barbossa, incidentally (I'm speaking of Ingenuity and Humor of couorse. Although I guess 'real' and 'clamshell' might be symbolically accurate too).

But enough of this geek humor. Let's talk hilts. The exended swept hilt on this saber woudl have been both handsome and functional. All of the bars sweep around to the right, caging the hand in a webwork of steel. The resplendent clamshell guard is intricately pierced and shaped and lends a regal grace to the hilt.

The blade is a high quality stainless steel, weathered to look just like the well-worn sword of Barbossa in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The sword comes with an exquisite, framed mounting plaque (the weapon can be mounted onto the plaque for diplay, or taken off the plaque to be worn). It also comes with an individually numbered plaque so you can show the world which one of the limited edition Hector Barbossa Swords you own.

This Hector Barbossa sword is a more elaborate sword than that of Jack Sparrow.
As this is a pre-order, specs are estimates at the moment Length:30"
Gaurd width:5"
Materials: Weathered stainless steel blade with full tang. Antiqued steel guards and pommel.

No Sheath Included.

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