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Immortal Swords from 300, the Movie

Immortal Swords from 300, the Movie
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Licensed Persian Immortal Sword Set from 300

  • Hand-Forged from Historically Accurate Iron
  • Hard, Laquered Sheaths
  • Elaborately Carved Grips
  • Adjustable Straps Make Swords Wearable Out of Box
  • Limited Edition with Certificate of Authenticity
  • Models on Sale
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Licensed Persian Immortal Sword Set from 300

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Okay, so the Persian Immortals didn't really fight with swords. Frank Miller didn't care. He threw a pair of kick-ass swords on the backs of his immortals in the graphic novel 300, and followed suit in his movie. And they look great!

Technically speaking, the Immortals fought with short spears, bows, and daggers (or a short sword). All this is just scholarly musing though. The Immortals in Miller's 300 movie wear a pair of swords on their back, and if you're looking at this product then you're most likely after the swords worn by his Immortals.

This beautiful, Limited Edition set of two swords is hand crafed with astonishing precision and detail. They were painstakingly created to look exactly like the ones worn by the Immortals in the movie. From the elaborately carved grip, to the laquered hard-shell scabbards, these swords are exact replicas of the movie props.

The swords themselves are hand-crafted from iron, much as they would have been made back in 480 B.C. (the date the Battle of Thermopylae took place, for those of you who didn't write a thesis on "Ancient Greek Warfare and How it Influenced 21st Century Merchandising"). Fabric straps ring the scabbards and allow both swords to be worn on the back (everyone sing along now, you know the words by now...) just like the ones worn by the Immortals in the movie.

These swords are of course officially licensed. They come with a certificate of authenticity and a Persian-to-Greek Dictionary. Oh wait, jus remembered, the dictionary is sold out. Sorry.

total length : 31.5 INCHES
blade length, : 22 INCHES
handle length : 9 1/4 INCHES
handle material: cast steel
blade material: carbon steel
The Persian Immortals were the elite troops of the Persian armies. They didn't wear super-cool masks or wield super-cool paired swords like in the movie 300, but in a stylized movie taken from a gorgeously stylized graphic novel, a little misrepresentation is inevitable. And anyway, Miller's Immortals look fantastic.

The Immortals got their name because a Greek historian once called them "Immoral" and a half-deaf scribe wrote the wrong word down. Okay, that's completely made up. They were called the immortals because there were always 10,000 men in the unit. If one man fell in battle or was killed in some sort of bizzare camel incident, another man was promoted and took his place. In this way, it's as if the unit never loses a man, thus, the men of the unit are immortal.

The Immortals wore very little armor, and carried shields made of wicker. You can imagine why they fared badly against the heavily armored Greeks (another point that was altered slightly in movie). Imagine a man with a very large, heavy spear. Now, imagine attacking him and using your grandmother's old wicker chair to block the spear. Yeah, not too pretty is it? The shields were covered with leather for extra protection, but that's not much better than trying to stop a car with shaving cream. If you don't know what that means then join the club. I'm a little confused by it myself.

The Immortals really were badly matched against the Greeks. Their main weapon was the bow, which was kind of irrelevant against the Greek Phalanx. Their next best weapon was the short spear, which wasn't so great against the long spears used by the Greeks. They wore little armor, which didn't help against any opponent, and they used wicker shields, as mentioned earlier. Despite all this, though, they were feared and respected as masterful warriors. Almost every civilization that met them was defeated by them. No one but the Greeks were able to figure out how to defeat them.

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