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Thanks so much for your expert help, the engraving is perfect and the tankard is quality. You and your company were extremely professional and fast. I will highly recommend you to anyone I know looking for a similar gift.


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Deluxe Velvet Breeches

Deluxe Velvet Breeches
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Velvet Renaissance Breeches with Button Fly

  • Made from Fine Velvet
  • Deep Hidden Pockets
  • Featuers a Stylish Button Fly
  • Machine Washable (tumble dry)
  • One of the Nicest Pair of Breeches That We Sell
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This may sound really strange, but I want breeches to come back into style. Honestly. I mean, look at them. They're probably the most comfortable pants ever made. Baggy for ultimate comfort no matter how much weight you've gained or (as in my case) how large your genitalia is. They stop at the knees so they won't get caught under your heel or get wet when you cross a puddle (or bloodstained when you clean up the mangled corpse in your basement).

These velvet breeches are copied from an actual pair of breeches from the Germanisches National Museum in Germany. We've included every detail of those very breeches into these (although we have spared you the caked on layers of dust and the hidden proximity alarm that goes off if you try to take them out of the museum's display case).

The Gracidmar Breeches, as alluded to above, are made from fine velvet and are lined in cotton. They feature a stylish button-fly design and pocket bags for you to store your large collection of pockets in. Um actually, my editor just told me that the pocket bags are actually just large pockets and can store anything you want. But if you DID have a large collection of pockets, you could probably put them there.

These velvet breeches have a drawstring waistband for a perfect fit and can actually be machine washed (tumble dry). If you want to see a downscale version of these breeches, please see our standard breeches.

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You want to pick a fight with someone? Tell them their grandfather wore dresses. The funny thing (besides the whole male-wearing-a-dress joke) is that you probably won't be lying.

Some of you are probably nodding your head and smiling, realizing that I am speaking of that period of time when Breeching of boys was a common occurrence. Others of you are fidgeting uncomfortably and remembering those pictures of grandpa wearing that negligee and eight ounces of eye makeup.

Breeching was the hysterical (and historical) custom of watching your son get fitted with his first pair of pants. Hysterical because until that precise moment, your son wore dresses for all of his life. No, it's not some weird sub-meaning of the word dress. No, the word dress didn't once mean something else. Not long ago, sons wore dresses until they were about 6 or 7 years old. Flowery, lacy, flowing, beautiful, J. Edgar Hoover dresses. Talk about un-seamly.

Breeching was a ceremony held for a son, a rite of passage so to speak, when they moved from gay, cross-dressing toddler to heterosexual, sword-wearing boy. (editor's note: Our writer is a gay cross-dresser, so he means no insult by this) (Writer's note: No, I'm not).

The ceremony was elaborate, with many of the boy's relatives and friends there to watch it (and you thought having a horde of people sing Happy Birthday to you was embarrassing). The boy would give up his dresses for good and put on his first pair of breeches. He would often get a ceremonial sword to strap on too, just to make sure he understood that he was a man now and was supposed to kill things.

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Although the term rapier has become synonymous with any narrow-bladed sword (particularly those with fancy hilts), the term rapier actually applied to only a select few types of swords. Rapiers were narrow (usually one and a quarter inches wide), quite long, fairly heavy, and usually had only a slight edge on them. The extremely long length of the rapiers made them a bit heavy and cumbersome, not at all the Errol Flynn or Zorro-type small-swords that most people think of.
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