Making your Mark

Read to the bottom of the post for an exciting contest!


Knights sometimes used swords to engrave people’s flesh. That’s not what we’re talking about.

In the Middle Ages, a knight’s faith was in his sword. No, literally, it was *in* his sword. Knights would have blacksmiths engrave sacred words on their blades. Words from their favorite prayer, the name of a patron saint, or simply the name of Jesus Christ. What do you have faith in? What favorite words or symbols will you put on your blade? A religious quote? Your family crest? Lyrics from a Bobby McFerrin song? It doesn’t matter. Strongblade’s custom engraving can add just about anything you want to your blade, usually for only $15 or less!

But it’s not just engraved swords. We can do helmet stands, tankards, daggers, pistol stands and knives. Here’s a page with all our engravable items (and more are being added constantly.) What can you have engraved on these things? What can’t you! Me, I’d like to engrave Gwyneth Paltrow’s lips on the top edge of my tankard, but I’m a lonely, lonely man. Have a wedding party to buy gifts for? Want an award for your employees? Going to become a sword-wielding superhero and want your mantra on your blade? The possibilities are endless!

So, how do you show us what you want engraved on your sword? It’s easy as a Kardashian! Just go to the product page of the item you want to buy, then click the “Engrave” button next to the item name. You’ll be magically whisked away by the power of Internet to Strongblade’s interactive engraving tool. This thing is like a video game! Seriously! I win every time!

The interactive engraving utility (I like to call it the Inenguti, but that hasn’t caught on) allows you to type in up to three lines of text, and position each line exactly where you want it. Here’s my latest:


Screenshot 2014-07-23 02.49.44

Move thine mouse here and touch button to swell the image

And the fun doesn’t stop at words. Strongblade can also engrave logos and other line art symbols. That’s right, put your own stylistic stamp on your blade. Want to know how? Just send an email to to get started with images.

Yeah. Game on.

So, are you ready to start engraving? How about a contest? The person who writes the funniest line of text to put on a sword will receive an e-book copy of my novel, THE SCOURGE. Just write the line in the comments below. There has to be at least ten responses before I will judge the best line.

Have a look below for some examples of custom engraving: