The Esterlina Line of Premium Swords!

BC1When I ring in the new year, it’s with alcohol and apologetic phone calls the next morning to everyone I offended or peed on. When Strongblade rings in the new year, they do it with gorgeous, live steel.

I’d call for a trumpet flourish as I make my next announcement, but my head still hurts. So, I will quietly announce Strongblade’s newest (and perhaps most exciting ever) sword lines. I present The Esterlina line of premium battle-ready swords.

What makes these swords so exciting, you may ask?

BC5Have a look at them.


Check out the images in this blog post.

They are some of the most creative, lovingly crafted, pieces of artwork that we sell on the site. And you know the best part? These beautiful pieces of art are fully functional! They can split a bamboo mat as easily as Japanese katanas. Let’s see you try to split a cutting roll with a Rembrandt. You see? These swords are better than multi-million dollar paintings!

Each of these oil-hardened weapons is hand-forged by master smiths, using only the highest grade steel, and tempered to a perfection. Blades are forged to a hardness of 55-66 on the Rockwell scale, and are used by martial arts masters in cutting competitions across the world.

BC4Yeah, they’re that strong.

The style of these swords is taken from pre-conquest Filipino swords—the same sort of blades that took down Ferdinand Magellan and his heavily armed and armored soldiers. But the look of these weapons is so different than what we normally see these days. They have a truly fantasy feel to them. In fact, swords of this type are no doubt inspiration for some of the swords seen in many fantasy movies, including the Lord of the Rings.

The craftsmanship doesn’t stop at the swords, though. Each of these beauties comes in a uniquely squared and decorated wooden scabbard. Put together, sword and scabbard are a thing to marvel at.

Have a look at the line. There are graceful sabers, lethal falcatas, awesome kris swords, and even a sword-dagger combo. Each masterfully designed. Each powerfully forged. And each whispering your name. They’d shout it, but I told them not too. New Year’s day, right?

Have a look at the gallery below, then head over to the Esterlina page and buy some before they sell out.

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