The Stongblade Sword Design Contest!

SwordContestGreetings, combatants!

Welcome one, welcome all, to the Strongblade arena. Where all swords are created equally. Where every dreamer has the inalienable right to pursue fame, fortune and a $100 Strongblade gift card. Welcome, welcome, to the Strongblade Free-Forge!

What is the Free-Forge? It is two things. First and foremost, it is a chance for you, gentle visitor, to design the sword of your dreams. To put it down on paper or pixel, to show it proudly before the masses, and to compete against other designs for a chance at the title of Strongblade Forgemaster.

Secondly, the Free-Forge is a place to view the masterful creations of our contestants and to vote on the sword design that you like best. So, whether you submit to the contest or not, we encourage you to go to the contest site and vote for your favorite entry!


How do I vote?

Simply go to THIS URL, look at the fantastic works of art submitted, and vote on your favorite. *WORD OF WARNING* The site tracks IPs and uses complex technology to find spammers and those who would seek to unfairly and dishonorably sway the voting to their favor. If such a thing happens, either the sword benefiting from the dishonesty will be removed from the contest, or the competition will be deemed a mis-forge, and voting will begin again.


How do I submit?

Think you have the mettle to invent steel? Then get moving! Design a sword (preferably one that can be wielded by normal men and women, under the physics of our planet). We don’t care how you do it. Paper and pencil. Photoshop. Old car parts. The bones of your vanquished enemies. (That’s actually a joke. Nothing illegal please). Swords can be from any time-period in history. For a chance to have your sword made, you should make sure it can be made by a normal smith, without too much craziness. Once your design is complete, capture an image of your creation and go to this URL. Submit the image, then sit back and wait for the votes to roll in.


What do I win?

If you are pronounced Strongblade Forgemaster, you will win a $100 Strongblade gift card. In addition, Strongblade may decide to produce your weapon, so that others can own the awesomeness that you created. If that is the case (and that’s *if*) Strongblade will enter a separate agreement with you. But that’s not all. If you are granted Strongblade Forgemaster status, you will be interviewed for the Strongblade Edge and gain fame and accolades for your work.

Questions? Post them here in the comments, or on our Facebook page. Or, send them to

Good luck, and may the best sword win!

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