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Viking-Style Foam Buckler Shield with Solid Grip

  • Extremely Comfortable to Hold and Use
  • Historically Accurate Grip Placement Behind Boss
  • Thick and Very Well Padded
  • Beautiful Imitation of Wood with Imitation Brass Boss
  • Rugged and Durable
  • Diameter is 18 Inches
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Viking-Style Foam Buckler Shield with Solid Grip

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This fantastic foam shield is a bit of an odditiy. It looks exactly like a Viking shield, but is designed like a buckler shield. We would call it a Viking buckler, but to our best knowledge, the Vikings didn't really have bucklers like this. Which really makes it two shields in one: You can use it as a small Viking shield, or you can use it as a standard buckler. Whichever you decide, you'll have one of the best LARP shields we've ever seen.

The thing that sets this shield apart from most others is the whole comfort thing. It really is one of the most comfortable shields we've ever offered. There is a foam-covered fiberglass grip on the back of the shield, embeded into the foam so that it's flush with the back surface. The grip is directly behind the boss (which is where I do my best slacking, incidentally), which is exactly where grips on Viking shields and these types of bucklers were, historically (and, speaking of behind the boss, The grip is extremely comfortable and gies you a great deal of leverage with the shield.
The shield is very thick -- well over an inch of padding, so the energy from most blows is absorbed neatly. The thick latex coating over the shield is quite rugged and doesn't show signs of strikes even after extended periods of hardcore battling.

This foam shield is perfect for just about any type of character -- Viking, soldier, mercenary, glassblower -- you name it. It's also particularly good for sparring and weapons training (which we do a lot of at the Strongblade warehouse).

The Foam Buckler Shield is perfect for Live Action Role Playing, cosplay, Halloween, theatrical use or sparring/weapons training (as I think I mentioned two sentences ago).

Foam LARP Soldier Shield
Foam LARP Soldier Shield
LARP Foam Spartan Shield
LARP Foam Spartan Shield
Viking-Style Foam Wood Design Shield with Solid Grip, 21 Inch Diameter
Viking-Style Foam Wood Design Shield with Solid Grip, 21 Inch Diameter

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