Coustille Dagger
Blackrush: The Coustille Dagger 

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Hand Crafted Coustille Sword-Dagger
As Long as a Dagger Gets without Being a Sword
Savage Tapered Blade for Armor Penetration
Wheel Pommel with Beveled Hub
Decorated Leather-Wrapped Wood Grip
Custom Leather-Over-Wood Sheath with Steel Accents
Hand Crafted and Full-Tang

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Coustille Sword-Dagger
 Engrave Engrave this item for $15.Engrave
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Coustille Sword-Dagger - Tempered What's this?
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Sharpened Coustille Sword-Dagger - Tempered,
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Scratch and Dent Coustille Sword-Dagger - Tempered(slight damage on leather of grip)
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Scratch and Dent Coustille Sword-Dagger, Imperfections on pommel
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Belt-Hung Sword Frog
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Brown Belt-Hung Sword Frog
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Additional Care and Cleaning Kit (All SBA swords come with one standard)
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This weapon is now available Standard or Fully Tempered!

It's not a sword, but it looks WAY too long to be a dagger. It can only be the famous Coustille dagger.

These daggers were the favorites of travelers and soldiers alike. Light and compact, but strong enough to battle a swordsman with, and angled viciously to punch through mail. Often carried by the shadier elements of medieval Europe, this was, nonetheless, a wildly popular weapon.

This Coustille, the Blackrush, is a beautifully crafted reproduction of these daggers. It features a high-carbon and full-tang blade, a nickel-plated steel guard, and a wheel pommel with a satisfyingly understated sunken hub.

The grip is made of hardwood, with a padded and double-stitched leather wrap. The wrap features a pair of beveled lines that circle the hilt, giving the weapon just the right amount of personality.

The guard on this weapon is short and rounded, making it easy to hide and withdraw with no fear of getting entangled. A shallow cusp strengthens both the arms of the guard and the shoulder of the blade, where it meets the hilt.

The dagger comes with a custom-made sheath of leather-wrapped wood. The sheath actually has a nice steel curve at the throat where it meets the rounded cusp of the dagger's cross. It also has a polished steel tip.

In all, a dangerous weapon that goes brilliantly with any costume (particularly dark-horse heroes), and looks intimidating hanging on a wall. If you're going to buy a dagger, you might as well get your money's worth.

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