German Ring-Hilted Broadsword
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Deckengriff: Ring-hilted German Broadsword
Quadruple Fuller Design
Wire-Wrapped Wood Hilt
Hand-forged High Carbon Blade
Unique Design is Both Durable and Attractive

 Out of Stock!

One of the more decorative cut-and-thrust swords of history, this weapon originally hails from southern Germany. Weapons like it were common in the 15th and 16th century.

The "double-ring" gaurd provides serious protection for the hand, and also acts a bit like a sword-catcher, allowing the bearer to capture an opponent's blade in combat. It's got a wire-wrapped wood grip with a slightly oversized pommel and a double-ring hand guard that glistens beautifully in sunlight. The guard is silvered with nickel plating and is made thin to keep the weight down. A double-fuller pattern is built into the blade for added strength and weight reduction, with an additional two shorter fullers outside of the primary ones.

An impressive and unique weapon, looks fantastic in or out of it's hilt. Great for any occasion that calls for a bit of flash and intimidation. The blade can take some light punishment, but the guard will very likely take damage in full combat.

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