Spartan Spear
Spartan Spear 

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Greek Thrusting Spear with Leather Wrap and Buttcap
Weathered Brass Head and Buttcap
Eight Feet Long!
Polished Hardwood Shaft
Unscrews Into Two Parts for Storage or Transporting
Leather Thong-Wrap Around Head

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Swords are, perhaps, the finest simple weapon ever created. But in the hands of a Spartan warrior, the sword took a back seat to the spear when it came to sheer killing power.

Just to clarify things, this item is not a licensed 300 item. It is a Strongblade design based on an ancient Greek Hoplite spear and has no relationship with the movie.

That said, this seven-foot beauty is a gorgeous weapon. It's 70 percent historically accurate, 30 percent stylized reproduction, and 159% awesome. Although a little more angular than typical, the weathered brass spearhead is fairly authentic to the period. It is roughly 9 inches long and is given a custom antiquing to make it look like a battle-worn weapon.

The 70-inch shaft is made from a durable hardwood. It is cut into two pieces that are screwed together securely at a hidden seam in the center. This strong connection allows the spear to be unscrewed for easier portability without sacrificing strength or appearance (It also allows you to unscrew the two ends and pretend you are Darth Maul by swinging them around until you break a lamp and realize that you are neither a Jedi Knight nor a Spartan warrior.) A long leather strip is included with the spear to be tied at the tip or along the center seam for a better grip and more realistic appearance.

At the base of the spear is a four-inch-high, spiked butt cap made of the same weathered brass as the spearhead. The butt cap (which allowed the spear to be used backwards if the spearhead broke) is spiked and features a stylish bevel along the center.

Let's face it, this is the spear you're looking for. If it sells like other Greek stuff has lately, it probably won't be around for very long, so feel free to grab it now before the first waves come and go.

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When Strongblade refers to a "Battle Sword," we are referring to most European medieval swords with blades longer than 35 or so. These type of swords included hand-and-a-half swords (sometimes refered to as Bastard Swords) and the big two-handed swords. Real battle swords had blades well in excess of this, and, in fact, a 35" sword was considered a bit skimpy for fighting skirmishes. But for home use and light sparring, a 36" blade is fairly long.
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