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English Flintlock Pistol Dagger

English Flintlock Pistol Dagger
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18th Century English Flintlock Pistol Dagger Reproduction

  • Fantastic Reproduction of Real 18th Century Weapon
  • Masterfully Crafted in Spain
  • Fully Operating Locks and Trigger (non-firing)
  • Perfect for Costumes or Killer Conversation Piece
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18th Century English Flintlock Pistol Dagger Reproduction

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Throughout history, people have loved to shoot people that they didn't like. But then, people have also been fun of stabbing them too. Shoot or stab? What's a warrior to do? Well, fret no more, here's your answer; the 18th Century French Dagger Pistol, when you want the best of both worlds.

This style of weapon was very real and very deadly in history. The premise being that, because a flintlock pistol was very slow to load, a combatant could fire off a round as his or her enemy approached, then still have an effective weapon when the enemy closed. A clumsy sentence, I know, but a very efficient weapon.

Dagger-Pistol Replica. 18th Century French Dagger-Pistol Replica. 14 7/8" overall. 9 7/8" antique finish cast metal blade. Wooden handle with simulated brass shell guard and pommel. Pistol is mounted to side of blade. The locks and trigger are fully functional (that is, you can cock it and activate the firing mechanism by squeezing the trigger), although the gun cannot actually be fired.

Truly a perfect weapon for pirate or highwayman alike. Equally great as a display piece in any room.

Overall Length14 7/8 inches
Weight1.35 pounds
Blade Length9 7/8 inches

Flintlock pistols were the greatest invention since the sword. But they usually could only fire one round in combat, after which the enemy would be upon you and the weapon became a clumsy club at best, or an even clumsier projectile that you hurl at your opponent. Somewhere along the way some genius figured out how to combine the firepower of a flintlock with the efficiency of a thrusting dagger (it was probably an ancestor of the guy who invented the cheese-stuffed pizza crust. Genius!).

Someone using such a pistol dagger would be able to fire off a round and still be ready for the enemy if he missed or failed to drop him. Alternately, the weapon could be used to fool an opponent. By holding the weapon with the barrel side away from your enemy, you could lure the enemy into flintlock firing range before he/she realized that you were armed with anything more than a dagger. Quite the tricky little weapon. Perfect for pirates and other sneaky folks.

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Although the term rapier has become synonymous with any narrow-bladed sword (particularly those with fancy hilts), the term rapier actually applied to only a select few types of swords. Rapiers were narrow (usually one and a quarter inches wide), quite long, fairly heavy, and usually had only a slight edge on them. The extremely long length of the rapiers made them a bit heavy and cumbersome, not at all the Errol Flynn or Zorro-type small-swords that most people think of.
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