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Decorative Viking Battle Axe

Decorative Viking Battle Axe
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Decorative Battle Axe for Display or Costume Use

  • Viking Battle Axe
  • Historically Accurate Look
  • Ornate Yet Lethal Looking
  • Safe and Perfect for Display or Costumes
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Viking Battle Axe

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There's nothing quite like holding a great battleaxe. It sings in your hand, and is warm, yielding and yearning for your ... wait .. no, that's what it feels like to hold a broadway actress. But a great battle axe is very similar, really, except for the fake breasts and what not.

This is a fantastic decorative replica of a Viking battle axe. It's based on an actual 13th century axe found in Germany. This reproduction was masterfully created. The wood handle is strong and sturdy.

This is a perfect display item for hanging or wearing with a costume. It looks classy and powerful and is historically based, for that added conversational factor.

Overall Length: 47 inches
Weight: 7 lbs
Handle Length: 42 inches
Blade Length: 10.5 inches
Blade Width: 8.5 inches (widest part)
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