LARP Quarterstaff
LARP 6-foot Ironshod Quarterstaff 

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Durable Foam Quarter Staff with Performance Core
Made from Some of the Most Durable Foam on the Market
Powerful, Stylish Latex Coating
Safe and Rugged Kevlar Tip Protection
Closed-Cell Foam That Does Not Shred
Strong, Flexible Fiberglass Core
Beautiful in Appearance and Design

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Ironshod Quarterstaff
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13.5oz. Maintenance Silicone Spray for LARP Weapons
 Model# SBIF-SILICONE   $10
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It's about time!

All these LARP swords, LARP axes, LARP Dagger and LARP noses, and not one LARP Quarterstaff. Well, quarterstaffists ... quarterstaffers ... quarterstffions ... people who like quarterstaffs; your day has come!

This ironshod quarterstaff is a beautiful piece of foam, latex and fiberglass. It's comfortable, flexible, safe and, best of all, fun as a game of human piņata.

The 71-inch staff (that's right, nearly six feet!) features faux-iron flanges on either end for that special caress on your opponents chest. The grip is wide and black, (joke deleted), and provides a perfect handhold when the action gets heavy, (joke deleted).

Maintenance: We recommend that all latex weapons be treated occasionally with a silicone lubricant, like the one available below. The silicone will keep the coating flexible and make the weapons last much longer. It also allows for more realistic sliding of weapon against weapon.

This item is part of our Epic Armoury line (see below for more info on Epic Armoury).

About Epic Armoury
This item is a part of our Epic Armoury collection. Epic Armoury LARP swords are rugged, comfortable and beautiful. They are made with some of the toughest foam on the market and coated with a dynamic layer of durable latex. The foam used is a closed-cell type of material that don't shred with heavy use like some other foam swords.

Each weapon is cored with a strong and flexible fiberglass rod that allows for excellent transfer of power during swings. The core is swaddled in layers of soft foam to make every blow a safe one.

The tips on each of these beautiful weapons is reinforced with a proprietary Kevlar cap that keep thrusts safe and ensures that the sword's tip will not break.

These swords provide a fantastic experience for any level of LARPist of sparrer, and the price is reasonable for any budget.

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