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LARP Dark Elven Sword

LARP Dark Elven Sword
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Elven Durable Foam Sword with Performance Core

  • Made from Some of the Most Durable Foam on the Market
  • Powerful, Stylish Latex Coating
  • Safe and Rugged Kevlar Tip Protection
  • Closed-Cell Foam That Does Not Shred
  • Strong, Flexible Fiberglass Core
  • Beautiful in Appearance and Design
  • Overall Length is 43 Inches
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Dark Elven LARP Longblade
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11oz. Maintenance Silicone Spray for LARP Products

* Stock items ship from Strongblade in 1-3 days. Please allow an additonal day for engraving or sharpening.
You can almost instantly tell a dark elf by their sword. Wicked yet graceful, this Dark Elven LARP Longblade is a stunning sword with an eerie look that seems all too capable of slicing cleanly through the stoutest of defenses. Keeping to the traditional style of elven sword and curves, this inspired blade has a gentle curve along its edge, creating the look of a fearsome scimitar. The hilt features a D-ring guard as well that emulates a blade-edge too, for that secondary level of brutal effectiveness. It is crafted from an extremely durable foam that does not shred, which has been sealed within a strong coating of latex. As safety is always a concern in LARP, this sword also features a round, flexible fiberglass core that bends and flexes. The core also features a durable Kevlar cap for added protection, both against the core and for when the sword is used to stab.
The Dark Elven LARP Longblade has an average overall length of approximately 43 inches. Please be aware that this measurement can vary slightly, as it is a hand-made item.
Latex swords do need to be maintained to a certain degree. We offer a Maintenance Silicone that can be purchased separately. We recommend that you use this Silicone on a regular basis. It is an easy, spray on application, and it will keep the coating flexible, which will make the sword last much longer. The maintenance silicone also protects the coating from drying out, and helps the sword resist general wear and tear from normal use.
Overall Length: 43 inches
Blade Length: 32 inches
Guard Width: 4.5 inches
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