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Hector Barbossa Pendant

Hector Barbossa Pendant
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Amulet from Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Perfect Reproduction of Barbossa's Pendant from Movie
  • Weathered Brass Pendant
  • Antiqued, 26-inch Weathered Metal Chain
  • Coiled Serpents Theme with Inset Red Stone
This item is no longer available
Hector Barbossa is sly, fast and dangerous, much like the snake that coils around the base of the pendant that he wears (I could continue the anaology and talk about his forked tongue and scaly skin, but that would be pushing it).

This pendant and chain is a wonderful reproduction of the one worn by Barbossa in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It's made from with a brass finish, weathered to make it look worn and well used. An ominous serpent coils around the geometric frame that forms the base of this piece, intertwining to form complex and beautiful curves and gaps. The serpent's head rests at the top of the pendant, where the chain attaches. In fact, the 26-inch metal chain actually starts at the serpent's neck, where a small brass ring sits like a collar around the snake.

The pendant features four white crystals set in a square around a much larger shining red stone at the center of the piece. Overall, the piece is elegant, with a touch of danger and darkness. The perfect addition to any pirate outfit.

Pendant Size: 2.5 inches x 1.5 inches x .5 inches
Chain Length: 26 inches
Materials: Pendant: Cast Metal with a Weathered Brass Finish with Clear and Red Stones. Chain: Cast metal.

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