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i love the blade (MAELSTORM) im looking forward to having more items from your team....
ill be sher to let my friend know about you guys thank you again.....

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Hector Barbossa Pendant

Hector Barbossa Pendant
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Amulet from Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Perfect Reproduction of Barbossa's Pendant from Movie
  • Weathered Brass Pendant
  • Antiqued, 26-inch Weathered Metal Chain
  • Coiled Serpents Theme with Inset Red Stone
Hector Barbossa is sly, fast and dangerous, much like the snake that coils around the base of the pendant that he wears (I could continue the anaology and talk about his forked tongue and scaly skin, but that would be pushing it).

This pendant and chain is a wonderful reproduction of the one worn by Barbossa in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It's made from with a brass finish, weathered to make it look worn and well used. An ominous serpent coils around the geometric frame that forms the base of this piece, intertwining to form complex and beautiful curves and gaps. The serpent's head rests at the top of the pendant, where the chain attaches. In fact, the 26-inch metal chain actually starts at the serpent's neck, where a small brass ring sits like a collar around the snake.

The pendant features four white crystals set in a square around a much larger shining red stone at the center of the piece. Overall, the piece is elegant, with a touch of danger and darkness. The perfect addition to any pirate outfit.

Pendant Size: 2.5 inches x 1.5 inches x .5 inches
Chain Length: 26 inches
Materials: Pendant: Cast Metal with a Weathered Brass Finish with Clear and Red Stones. Chain: Cast metal.

Who’s smart enough to outwit Captain Jack Sparrow? Who’s fast enough to best him in single combat? Who’s the only other man capable of taking the helm of the Black Pearl? Yes,yes, I know you already know. The title of this page gives it away, but could you at least pretend to be curious? Of course it’s Hector Barbosa. Who else would it be? Yes, he fell prey to the dreaded Mayan Curse (Is there any curse that is not dreaded, I ask. No one answers except the little man deep in the well of my consciouosness who says “Shut up,you. We’re trying to sleep down here!”). But beside this one little gaffe, Barbosa is so smart, so tough and so canny that it takes all three of our heroes (Sparrow, Elizabeth Swan and Will Turner) to ultimately defeat him. And even then they were not rid of him. As I’m sure you’re aware of, Barbosa plays a big role in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, At World’s End.

Not much has been revealed about Barbosa. His name is a nod to the famous historical pirate Barbarossa (stuff on Barbarossa). But who is the man behind the monkey? Who is this Barbosa who can steal the Black Pearl from Captain Jack Sparrow? Who can curse an entire crew, then keep their loyalty for years? Well, we know that he was once Jack’s first mate. And we know that he marooned Jack on a deserted island and took over as Captain of the Black Pearl. Other than that, he’s pretty much a mystery.

We can come up with a little on our own if we read the clues correctly. He is obviously a well educated man. Not only was he able to find the Mayan treasure, but he has an extremely good vocabulary, as evidenced by his first conversation with Elizabeth Swan (you’ll recall the **what’s that word they said** running joke about xxxx). He’s an extremely good swordsman, as exemplified in his duel with Captain Sparrow at the end of the original. He may be a good sailor, but he probably is not a fantastic sailor. I say this because he was outsailed by Swann and her crew at the end of Episode I, despite having the fastest ship in the Caribbean and an experienced crew. Whish is not necessarily a horrible thing; Captain Henry Morgan was said to have been a mediocre sailor, running several of his ships aground, yet he still goes down as one of the most successful pirates in history.

But Barbosa’s best trait, his most effective tool, is his charisma and leadership. He led the crew of the Black Pearl to mutiny against Sparrow, then, after getting them all cursed, they continued to follow him. He is an endearing, likable character despite being a villain in every way. It is a testament to Johnny Depp’s acting ability that Barbosa’s character doesn’t outshine Sparrow’s.

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