Spartan Sword
Battle Ready 300 Spartan Sword 

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Licensed, Battle Ready 300 Spartan Sword and Scabbard
Fully Tempered, High Carbon Steel, Battle Ready Sword
Designed by Frank Miller, Creator of 300
Full Tang Blade
Tough, Solid Steel Hardware
Features a Blood Groove, as Frank Miller Wanted
Hardwood Grip with Genuine Leather Wrap

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Fully Functional 300 Spartan Sword
 Model# SBMU-300-SPARTANSWORD  $198
      This item is no longer available.
Fully Functional 300 Spartan Sword -Sharpened
 Model# SBMU-300-SPARTANSWORD-S  $209
 (Originally $245) |     This item is no longer available.
Fully Functional 300 Spartan Sword , Sharpened,Scratch and Dent(Sword is new condition but missing certificate of authenticity)
 Model# SBMU-300-SPARTANSWORD-S-SD  $173
      This item is no longer available.
Scratch And Dent Fully Functional 300 Spartan Sword(Buckle on sheath is broken)
 Model# SBMU-300-SPARTANSWORD-SD  $166
      This item is no longer available.

This is an official, licensed prop replica from the 300 Graphic Novel by Frank Miller. Available sharpened or unsharpened. We do have a very limited number of scratch and dent, non-sharpened ones with minor damage to the sheaths. Grab those while they last.

Holy Crap! Can you believe the number of cheap, flimsy 300 Spartan Sword knockoffs on the market? We bought three different knockoffs and banged them firmly against heavy metal cabinet and two of them broke on the first hit. How's that for buyer beware?

I could go into some cheesy marketing statement like "good things come to those who wait" or "You get what you pay for," but I won't. (editor's note: You already did). Stay out of this, you mysterious and ambiguous editor guy. What I mean to say is, good swords take a while to design and manufacture. At Strongblade, we haven't seen a truly good 300 Spartan sword come out on the market. But all that is about to change. We present, the Windlass battle-ready 300 Spartan Sword, designed by none other than Frank "I wrote the 300 graphic novels that got turned into the movie that everyone is so excited about" Miller. That's right, these swords are true to his original design in just about every detail.

What details are you talking about? I hear you asking (yeah, my hearing is THAT good). I'm glad you asked. For one, there is a deep, impressive fuller running through the center of this blade. Have a look at the graphic novels and you'll see that Frank (I call him Frank because I've never met him yet want you all to think that we're tight) had Lynne Varley (the artist) render all of the swords with "blood grooves" (aka, fullers).

But enough talk about my friend Frank and his designs. Let's talk about this SWORD!. The blade is made from 1095 high carbon steel, full tang, fully tempered and awe-inspiring. And get this, the guard is made from Admantium!!! Okay, okay, so it's not made with admantium. But it's so freakin' tough, that you'll think it is. It's actually made of tough, solid steel (meaning it's pure steel all the way through, not a brittle zinc alloy or other pseudo-metal).

The sword is battle-weathered to look like it's killed a thousand Persians (no offense to current Persians. Let bygones be bygones and all that). It comes with a beautiful, weathered leather scabbard (yeah, real leather, not canvas or other psuedo-leather like these brittle knockoffs come with. If they come with scabbards at all).

This is without doubt the best 300 sword to hit the market and it'll be gone faster than you can say "This is Sparta!" Grab yours now because they'll probably be sold out before they even get to us.

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