Assassin's Creed Wrist Blade
Assassin's Creed Retractable Extension Knife 

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Altair's Retractable Wrist Knife
Stylish, Stealthy and an Integral Part of Altair's Arsenal
Blade Retracts and Extends, Locks into Place
Attaches to Altair's Vambraces

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Assassins's Creed: Extension Dagger
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When it's time for close-range neutralizing, Altair relies on his hidden Extension Knife. A quick slide of the lever and the blade sldes out and locks. When the job is done, another quick slide of the lever and it slides the blade back. If all goes well, no one will even know. Until it's all over.

The Assassin Extension Knife locks into place with a simple slide. A release lever allows it to slide and retract. Attaches easily to your Assassin Vambrace. Available unsharpened.

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