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i love the blade (MAELSTORM) im looking forward to having more items from your team....
ill be sher to let my friend know about you guys thank you again.....

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Leather Viking Spectacle Helmet

Leather Viking Spectacle Helmet
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Premium Grade Leather Viking Helmet with Liner

  • Made from Thick, Harness-Grade Leather
  • Lighter and More Comfortable than Metal Helmets
  • Modeled After Historically Accurate Spectacle Helmets
  • Includes Adjustable Leather Liner
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Leather Viking Helmet

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Once more, for those not listening in the back of the room, Vikings as a general rule, did not wear helmets with horns on them. Horns may well have been worn for ceremonial occasions, but wearing horns in battle is really not a very good idea for a slew of reason. The best of these reasons is the embarrassment of being killed because your horns got caught in the rigging of your longship as you began your assault on another Viking ship.

Another little known fact is that a great number of Vikings wore leather helmets into battle. You see, metal helmets were a pain in the neck to make, so armor smiths tended to charge a lot for them (especially when some moronic greenhorn would ask for a really cool helmet with crazy horns on top.). Quite a few Vikings could not afford metal helmets (that's sort of why they went on raids in the first place), so they had leather ones made for them.

Not many leather helmets have been found in archaeological digs (leather doesn't tend to hold up well over thousands of years), but there is a lot of evidence that leather helms were as common as metal ones. This particular helmet is a replica of the common spectacle helms of metal found in various digs.

The helmet is made from high-quality leather, dyed black for more menace. It is strengthened by metal rivets in a dozen spots. A leather set of Spectacles protects the eyes and the bridge of the nose from the ever-unpopular slash to the face. Hanging leather cheek plates protect the sides of the face and the top of the neck and a protruding beak on the back defends the nape of the neck. A leather chin strap secures the helmet.

The helmet comes with an adjustable leather liner for a perfect fit. This helmet fits small and medium sized heads (the liner adjusts to your particular head size). It weighs approximately 1-3/4 lbs with a 25-3/4" inner circle.

Materials: Harness-Grade Leather. Metal Rivets.
Size: 25.75 inch inner circle.

Some Monks in England were walking around on their Island at Lindisfarne more than 1,000 years ago, doing monk-type things (chanting and slamming books into their foreheads, I beleive) when some strange ships were spotted in the distance.

The monks and many of the island residents wandered to the shore to greet the strangers. I can only imagine that they were smiling and waving to their new, heavily armored friends. Their new friends smiled back. And they waved, although it was battle axes and swords, not hands.

This was the first recorded encounter between the English and the Vikings, and it didn't involve trading beads and planting corn, mind you. Most of the residents of the Holy Island were slaughtered and everything of value was looted. The Vikings made it very clear from the start that they weren't interested in a happy, warm-and-fuzzy, symbiotic, "let's grow together" type of relationship.

Things didn't get easier for the English after that. Or for the rest of the world for that matter. The Vikings went on a three hundred year shopping spree in the home towns of their enemies, burning, looting and raping (in the early years, the Vikings did it in that order, which proved a little rough for them. The chronology was reversed after a few bad outings, though).

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Leather Viking Spectacle Helmet
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Written on:
October 30, 2015
My Helmet
The Helmet was all I expected! Very well made. The crown was a little high, since I'm not Viking sized...but it works! Excellent workmanship!Well crafted with the best materiel. I am proud to have it.
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