LARP Drow Lord Sword
Foam Drowlord Sword 

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Foam/Latex Sword For LARP
Beautifully Styled Fantasy Sword
Fantastic Quality! Made in Denmark
Vari-flex Tip Design Prevents Breaking
Available in Long and Medium Sizes(overall 40 and 34 inches)
Part of the Palidan Series

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Premier Latex LARP Sword - Drow Lord, Medium
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Premier Latex LARP Sword - Drow Lord, Large
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Accessories-Siicone Spray

11oz. Maintenance Silicone Spray for LARP Weapons
 Model# SBIF-SILICONE   $9.5
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Sword Hangers ( View Complete Selection)

Sword Hanger, Black, Right Hand Draw
 (Originally $34) |     Out of Stock
Sword Hanger, Black, Left Hand Draw
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Sword Holders( View Complete Selection)

Sword Holder, Black, Right Hand Draw
 Model# SBPT-HOLDER-BLK-R  $15
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Sword Holder, Black, Left Hand Draw
 Model# SBPT-HOLDER-BLK-L  $15
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The Drowlord is a beautifully styled fantasy sword which is reminiscent of a Japanese samurai sword. It available in two sizes long, overall length of 40 inches and medium overall length of 34 inches.

About Strongblade's Paladin Series of Latex Swords and Daggers
These weapons are manufactured using state of the art technology. They are designed to be durable, safe and extremely attractive. The manufacturing process starts with a round carbon-fiber cores that make these swords and daggers astoundingly strong, flexible and springy. The cores feature special structural reinforcements around pressure areas like the joint between guard and blade. This prevents the weapon from breaking or folding at areas of high stress.

The swords are constructed of proprietary multi-density foam. This complex sounding sentence means that there is a small layer of dense foam around the core and a larger, softer layer of foam to make the shape of the weapon. This makes for a very safe weapon that can withstand incredible amounts of punishment. These weapons feature another design aspect unique to them: A Vari-flex Tip design. This is a design feature in the tip that allows them to bend gradually rather than abruptly. This prevents stress on the tip and makes it almost impossible to cause creasing or weak spots that could lead to breaks.

A revolutionary and proprietary painting technique is used on these weapons that is engineered to reflect light exactly as real metal would. The paint is also designed to protect the weapon, providing a strong barrier that stretches slightly with each flex.

Silicone Spray
In order to keep your foam or latex weapon in the best possible condition we offer an ultra high quality, low contaminant silicone spray. Click to view more details..

Sword Hangers
We offer sword hangers for both left and right handed warriors. They are available in various colors. Click to view more details.

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