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Stormblade Rapier (Musketeer Style)

Stormblade Rapier (Musketeer Style)
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Stormblade Swept Hilt Rapier, Musketeer Style, with Superior Balance

  • Beautiful Sweeping Curves
  • Thinner, Shorter Blade for Best Balance and Lightness
  • Hand-Forged, High Carbon, Full Tang Blade
  • Unique Squared, Leather-Wrapped Wood Scabbard
  • Braided Wire Covers Grip for Comfortable Hold
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Stormblade:Swept Hilt Rapier
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Stormblade:Swept Hilt Rapier - Tempered
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Sharpened Stormblade:Swept Hilt Rapier Tempered
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Extra Care and Cleaning Kit (Polishing Cloth, 2 Polishing Flitz, Instructions)

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If you're looking for a great Three Musketeers style rapier, then this is your Huckleberry. Astoundingly attractive, light and un-adverbially cool.

The Stormblade Swept Hilt rapier has two main strengths -- It's artistically sweeping cage and its balance and lightness. You can see for yourself the beautiful lines on the hilt. Swirling first one way, then the other. Simple, elegant and attractive. AS far as the weight, it is unmatched by most high-carbon, hand forged rapiers: A perfect rapier for double-time fencing.

How do we get it so well balanced? Glad you asked; The balance is attributable to a couple of different factors. First, the blade is a good inch or two shorter than most hand-forged rapiers. Second, the blade is a good 1/4 inch thinner than most hand forged rapiers. Third, it's a magic sword. Honestly. Well, okay, we can't really prove that, so... Third, the angled and one-sided swept hilt uses very little steel while maintaining a triple connection for strength.

Not to say the Stormblade is not tough. The hand-forged high-carbon steel blade is as tough as most of our other rapier blades, and the full tang ensures that there won't be any broken-hilt surprises in store for you when battling with it.

Another Unique feature of this rapier is the cornered scabbard. Made of wood and wrapped with leather, the scabbard is actually rectangular, with visible corners. This lets it rest firmly against thigh or hip, and also gives tidier, more geometric appearance. It's a different look for a sword that is all about different looks.

The lightness of this rapier makes it ideal for the stage, or for carrying around for long periods of time. Women might also find this rapier satisfying (to hold, that is), although it originally was meant to mimic musketeer type rapiers used by men.

Overall length: 45.5 Inches
Blade Length: 39 Inches
Blade Width: .75 Inch
Blade Material: Hand-forged High Carbon Steel
Guard and Pommel Material: Nickel Coated Steel
Grip: Hardwood, Bound with Steel Braided Wire Wrap
Sheath: Custom-Made, Rectangular, Leather-Wrapped Wood

Weight: 3 lbs
Care and Cleaning Kit
Care and Cleaning Kit
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