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i love the blade (MAELSTORM) im looking forward to having more items from your team....
ill be sher to let my friend know about you guys thank you again.....

your friend,

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Sword of Berrion's Knights

Sword of Berrion's Knights
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Performance Foam Rubber Bastard Sword with Composite Core

  • Part of our Conqueror Series of LARP Swords
  • One of the Most Beautiful LARP Swords on the Market
  • Heavier Than Most LARP Swords for Realism/Balance
  • Virtually Indestructable - Waterproof, Resists Punctures/Tears
  • Meets Safety Requirements of Many LARP Orgs
  • Models on Sale
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Performance Class Foam LARP Sword
Accessories-Sword Hangers
Out of Stock
LARP Sword Frog, Black, Right Hand Draw(worn on left hip)
Out of Stock
LARP Sword Frog, Black, Left Hand Draw(worn on right hip)
Out of Stock
LARP Sword Frog, Brown, Right Hand Draw(worn on left hip)
LARP Sword Frog, Brown, Left Hand Draw(worn on right hip)

* Stock items ship from Strongblade in 1-3 days. Please allow an additonal day for engraving or sharpening.
Berrion's Knights proudly wear this powerful sword. Made in the likeness of the city of Berrion, this elegant weapon was also very useful in combat. Only the Berrion's Knights are allowed to use this noble weapon.
Built around a high-performance hybrid core, the Berrion's Knight Sword looks amazing and feels even better. Like all of our Conqueror series swords, this weapon features an astounding level of detail made possible by the injection molding process that these weapons go through. The dragon style is significant and shown on the very ends of the cross guard.

The high-performance core is made to handle years of abuse and flexes just enough to provide spring and speed. The sword weighs a little over a pound, making it much more realistic than some of the ultra lights on the market.

This is a fantastic pounding sword, large enough to crush through smaller blades and great looking enough to make everyone that sees it double-take.

About our Conqueror Series Swords
Our Conqueror line of foam swords are the most realistic foam swords that we have ever seen. The molding process and high quality foam used on these weapons allows for an amazing amount of detail and the designs take full advantage of this. And though great looking, their durability may be even more impressive.

Two different styles of spine rods on the Conqueror series allow you to customize your game. One style is made of fiberglass and reinforced with polyester for strength and power. The other style is made from a carbon/fiberglass combination. These latter are considered the "Performance Series" and have a little more spring and a bit more durability to them,but not so much that you'll really notice when using it. Both styles are extremely durable and are fused with the blade and pommel to prevent slippage or torquing.

Our Conqueror lines are relatively realistic in weight (about 1 pound or more) and feature a more "rubbery" feel to them. . These are monstrously durable and have a legendary lifespan. They can be twisted and torqued like a wet rag and they will still return to true form instantly. Safety is top notch on these, with tip flex-enforcers and a good thickness of foam throughout.

The Conqueror series weapons made from a proprietary foam with no latex at all. The molding process allows all of the elements -- the composite rod, reinforced tip and quality polymers to merge into one solid item. The foam is insanely durable -- it resists puncturers and returns to shape no matter how much you deform it. A fiber matrix of fiberglass and nylon (or Kevlar/polymer depending on the weapon) increases the safety and creates a progressive absorption for less painful hits.

Weather resistance is another great strength on these. These weapons have been immersed in water for two weeks and then dried in the sun without any damage whatsoever. The Conqueror series can be used at almost any temperature. -22 degrees Farenheit up to 212 degrees Farenheit (for those of you playing on one of Jupiter's moons). The foam stays soft, no matter the temperature.

With all the technological features, you sometimes forget that there are works of art. Perhaps the best looking swords on the market.

Total Length: 32 in
Blade Length: 23.5 in
Crossguard: 7.5 in
Hilt Length: 8.5 in
Grip: 4.5 in
Hilt Color: Silver and Gold
Weight: 0.74 lb
I've recently become aware of an ancient historical figure who was revered by his peers. This figure, a certain "King Arthur" fellow, apparently was all the rage back in the very early Medieval Age. I'm not sure where he gets his popularity from, though. He seems a bit of a jerk to me.

As a boy, he spent his youth vandalizing sacred statues and such (He once ripped out a sword from a very popular sculpture in the center of town. When people complained, he held the sword up in a threatening fashion and made them kneel down in front of him). Swords were apparently his thing. There's a story that says he reportedly drowned some woman in a lake for no reason other than to steal a sword from her. Chivalrous indeed. He also hung out with a devil-worshipping pagan who claimed to see the future. Merlin was his name, and he apparently did nothing but steer Arthur into more trouble.

Come to think of it, this Arthur fellow seems rather vulgar if you ask me. I just read that he actually had a child with his sister. He then murdered that child and died from a wound he received in the scuffle. Serves him right. But it gets even seedier than that.

Turns out he and his best friend "Lancelot" (sounds like a troublemaker's name to me. Or maybe a porn star.) had a threesome with his wife, a certain "Guinevere." I guess Guinevere was his port of choice when he wasn't doinking his sister.

He and his buddies would meet every so often at a place called "The Round Table," which I can only imagine was some sort of a pub or other seedy establishment. They would ride out from the Round Table and terrorize the countryside, killing innocent saxon soldiers and imposing their views on the rest of the country. They apparently traveled a bit, too, because I heard mention that they liked camels a lot.

Arthur's friends apparently like to party as much as he did. They spent a lot of their time searching for a "magic cup." I haven't been able to find out much about it, but I'm guessing it was a cup of endless alcohol that never ran out of wine and beer. Something along those lines anyway.

If you ask me, I'm not really sure why everyone thinks so highly of this King Arthur fellow. I guess this country needs heroes so badly that we'll make a hero out of anyone.


Extreme Puncture Resistance
Puncture and Tear Resistant
Virtually Indestructible
Virtually Indestructible
Foam Always Returns to Form
Always Returns to Form
Cores are fused to the foam
Perrformance Cores Fused to Foam
THe best looking LARP Swords on the Market
Among The Best Looking Swords on the Market

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