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Whether you’re looking to rule the LARP world or just want to beat the snot out of your brother with a sword (and not have to worry about cleaning blood stains), our selection of LARP products is sure to satisfy. These latex products are the highest quality foam/latex swords and leather accessories that we have ever sold. Made in the cruel battlefields of Denmark (where 1 in 3 young adults say they compete in LARP) these foam weapons and leather accessories have been made to exacting standards, with years of hardcore battlefield testing and loads of special engineering features. These swords are an evolution of years and years of research and devlopment. Brilliantly strong, beautifully designed and astoundingly durable.
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What's so Special About These Swords?
1. Our manufacturer uses a variety of different foam densities in each weapon. This ensures that the weapon has all the spring and flexibility that it needs to perform well, and all of the strength to guarantee long-term performance and break resistance. The inner, firmer foam provides a stress dampening effect to reduce the shock of impact, while simulataneously shielding the core from critical impacts (say, from hard metal edges).

2. These swords feature a Vari-Flex Tip Design that allows the tips of the sword to bend gradually with no break points, This is a proprietary system developed over years of research and development. Other latex sword makers use no Veri-Flex design, so their tips bend awkwardly and break after a small number of bends.

3. Our crafters create masterpieces. By using a combination of curves and varying thicknesses, they are able to create astounding illusions of real blades. The paint used on these weapons has been developed over years and years of testing and simulates the actual look of metal under various lighting conditions. The paint has also been specially crafted to increase durability and prevent stickiness or fading.

4. The ergonomically molded grips on these LARP swords and LARP daggers are crafted with a firm, layered foam that provides excellent energy transfers. This allows for easier swings, which translates to less fatigue on the battlefield. It also speeds up your swing for a clear advantage against your foe. The firm foam grips have a fiber coare and are wrapped in a luxuriant suede for comfort, grip and durability.

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