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I am a big sword collector and think your site looks cool. Your swords are some of the most beautiful I've seen and seem to be the perfect medieval swords

-Chip F.
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Custom Engraved Swords and Tankards
A personalized sword or tankard makes the perfect gift!
The engraving price is very affordable at $15 or less.
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A Song of Ice and Fire
(Game of Thrones)
December, 2013 -We are now offering Chainmail. Our chainmail is super high quality made of anodized aluminum with alternating riveted flat links. It is lightweight, durable and offered at a great price for chainmail of this quality.
March, 2013 -Strongblade is excited to announce a new line of Boffer Swords Weapons and Armor.
November, 2012 -New inventory has arrived in time for the holidays. We have plenty of LARP and engravable swords and tankards in stock.
April, 2012 -We have just expanded our pewter tankard selection with a new line of tankards made in England. They are all 100% lead free and engravable. They are perfect gifts for father's day or graduation.
December, 2011 -We have just received a shipment of new inventory just in time for the holidays.
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Roman Pilum


LARP Medieval War Hammer (Foam)


Traditional Renaissance Chemise


Adventurer Belt, Leather


Six Non-Fireable Bullet Replicas


Noble Sword


Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol


Roman Foam Knife


Viking Sword


Kukri Fighting Dagger

Darth Maul FX Lightsaber
A history of Darth Maul and his Lightsaber

He's the baddest of the siths. Jedi-killer. Demon warrior. The Terminator of the Star Wars underworld. He can lay you out with a sidekick while drinking his morning coffee and scratching at his groin. Rile him up and he might even come at you with his demonic double-bladed lightsaber. Then your really in for it.

Darth Maul is arguably the coolest character in the Star Wars universe. He took the "Coolest Bad-ass" title from Boba Fett and never looked back until his upper and lower torso started tumbling away from one another. What a waste of a great villain.

Regardless, there more
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