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i love the blade (MAELSTORM) im looking forward to having more items from your team....
ill be sher to let my friend know about you guys thank you again.....

your friend,
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October, 2014 -Do you want to know the difference between battle ready swords and stage combat swords? To find out the answer to this question and many of the other mysteries of life read our two part blog; Part 1 -Zen and the Battle Ready Sword and Part 2- Zen and the Stage Combat Sword .
June, 2014 - We are very excited to announce the opening of our blog, The Strongblade Edge.
The Edge's feature writer is Roberto Calas, author and former member of the Strongblade team. Here is a short bio on Roberto:

Roberto Calas is an author and lover of history. His serial trilogy (The Scourge) is about a 14th century knight fighting his way through a demon-infested England to reunite with the woman he loves. And every bit of it is true except for the made up parts. In addition to The Scourge series, Roberto has written The Beast of Maug Maurai (fantasy), and Kingdom of Glass (historical fiction in the Foreworld universe). He lives in Sandy Hook, Connecticut with his two children, and visits the United Kingdom on a monthly basis to be with his fiancée, Annabelle. Sometimes he fights demons to reach her. You can learn more about Roberto on his website: He'd be most appreciative if you liked his facebook page, too: And if you feel you can only take 140 characters worth of him at a time, his twitter handle is, @robertocalas.

June, 2014 -Now Offering Free Shipping on orders more than $25! This is a limited time offer and only applies to shipments in the continental United States.
May, 2014 -Lots of swords in stock! We have just received a shipment of our most popular swords.
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Mainz Gladius, Red
The Gladius
The Roman Gladius has a long and prosperous history. It was, at first, a weapon used by the Spaniards. The Spaniards were particularly good at fighting the Romans and earned the grudging respect of the Italian conquerors, who, nonetheless conquered them anyway. (it's a fitting tribute to the toughness of the Spaniards that Russell Crowe's "Maximus" character in the movie "Gladiator" was a Spaniard who had been integrated into the Roman army). The Spaniard's had two weapons feared by the Romans: The hook-handled "falcata," (a horrific slashing weapon with a lethal forward curve) and the Gladius. The Romans were so impressed with more
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