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Swords, Armor and Much More

An excerpt from Strongblades Custom Engraved Swords and Tankards

Knights sometimes used swords to engrave people's flesh. That's not what we're talking about. In the Middle Ages, a knight's faith was in his sword. No, literally, it was "in" his sword. Knights would have blacksmiths engrave sacred words on their blades. Words from their favorite prayer, the name of a patron saint, or simply... Read more

Engraved Swords
Swords, tankards, human skulls-- Strongblade will engrave anything! Um. okay, maybe not "anything", but we do offer some mighty fine engraving services for some even mighty finer prices.

Looking for a gift? Nothing say love quite like a pewter tankard that says "Love" on it. And nothing says "John, thanks for the hard work", like a sword that says, "John thanks for the hard work" on the blade.


Above all Strongblade is a sword manufacturer and supplier.


Engraveable swords and tankards
Swords and tankards that can be custom engraved.

LARP and Foam

Swords, axes, spears, armor and more for Live Action Role Play.


Tankards Mugs
Tankards, goblets, mugs and steins.


Helmets, chainmail, bracers and greaves.


fantasy gifts
Unicorns, dragons, fairies and other fantasy gifts.


Flintlock Replicas
Flintlock, blunderbuss and pistol replicas.


Masks, elf ears, medieval clothing and other costumes.


Pendants, bracelets, rings, lockets and more.

2015 Sword Design Contest

Sword Design Contest
See the results of Strongblade's 2015 Sword Design Contest.


  • June 2016: Have you ever wondered what weapon you would chose if there was a Zombie Apocalypse? Our award winning author Roberto Calas has created a four part article which examines the advantages and disadvantages of different weapon classes. Read The Zombie Survival Manual - Part One in the Strongblade Sword Lore collection.
  • May 2016: The winner of the 2015 Strongblade Sword Contest was Zach Luna. Read about Zach in our latest blog.
  • April 2016: Strongblade participates in an Ask Me Anything(AMA) Reddit Fantasy event.
  • April 2016: Read our latest blog post on the Strongblade 2016 Sword Contest.
  • March 2016: Want to brush up on your knowledge of Halberds, Guisarmes, Glaive and other pointy blades on long sticks then take a look at our latest blog, "Anatomy of the... polearm?"
  • March 2016: New Engraving Font - We have just introduced English Ruins as a new engraving font in our Engraving Utility. This font was a special request from a customer but we thought it looked so good that we made it a standard option.

Featured Products


Six Non-Fireable Bullet Replicas

Six Non-Fireable Bullet Replicas


Swordsman Shirt

Swordsman Shirt


LARP Short Sword

LARP Short Sword


Latex Demon Horns

Latex Demon Horns


Shadowblade: Rogue's Dagger

Shadowblade: Rogue's Dagger


Maximus-Style Studded Gladiator Helmet

In ancient Rome, the Legionnaires may have gathered the triumphs, but it was the gladiators who captured the hearts and imaginations of the denizens of Rome.

They were the super sports star of the Roman world. Only, they didn't get paid. And most of them were prisoners. And they didn't get any endorsement contracts. And if they didn't play well, they tended to die. (Hmm... this analogy seems to be falling apart on me). They were, however, given zealous respect for their athletic ability, martial prowess and Rugged good looks. In fact, it is said that the greatest prize for a noble woman was to bed a gladiator (even if it wasn't deemed socially acceptable) more