Jack Sparrow Figure
Jack Sparrow Collectible Figure 

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Jack Sparrow Fully Articulated Real Action Figures Collectible
Fantastically Detailed 12-Inch Jack Sparrow Reproduction
Includes Removable Sword, Flintlock and Compass
Fully Articulated. Astoundingly Poseable.
Removable Hat and Jacket
Includes Two Spare Hands in Alternate Positions
Comes with Display Stand

 For ages 15 and up. Not intended for small children

Abraham Lincoln made it impossible to own your very own Captain Jack Sparrow (and a good thing too!), so you might as well get the next best thing -- a masterful Jack Sparrow Collectible Figure.

This figure is a part of the world-reknowned Real Heroes series, and may just be the best of the bunch. It's 12-inches of pure pirate bliss. Hmm. Not sure I like how that's phrased. Let's try again: It's a 12-inch figure, designed flawlessly and crafted with only the best possible materials. Much better.

The clothing on this Jack Sparrow Figure is all made from high-quality stitched fabrics; Perfect reproductions of the actual outfit worn by the infamous Captain of the Black Pearl.

The face on this figure is an almost exact match to Johnny Depp's, compelte with beaded dreadlocks, tight-fitting doo-rag, Thick black eye-makeup and braided goatee. The figure is extremely versatile (we call it "Fully Articulated" in the biz), allowing him to be posed in almost any fashion imaginable.

This figure comes with a replica of Jack Sparrows Sword, Jack Sparrow's Flintlock, And Jack Sparrow's Compass. The sword fits into a removable baldric around his shoulders. The Flintlock can be stored in several places, but we found it suits him most tucked into the sash at his waist. The compass is actually stitched onto the sash. Two spare hands come with this figure (we like to call it the "All Hands on Deck" option). One is plain, with no ring or glove, and is curled into a loose fist. The second has a fingerless black glove on it and is also curled into a loose fist, but has his index finger extended, as if pointing or resting on the trigger of his flintlock. The default hand has the Jack Sparrow Ring on it and is extended in a relaxed fashion.

This Jack Sparrow Figure is an absolute must for any Pirates of the Caribbean fan. It truly is an addictive collectible (we had to peel our photographer away from it after two hours), and makes a great gift.

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