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The Avenger: Cross-Pommel Dagger

  • Stylish Hooped-Cross Pommel Design
  • Sinister low-profile cross
  • Sinister, Acutely-angled blade
  • Leather-Wrapped Wood sheath with Brass Accents
  • Hand Crafted and Full-Tang
  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • Models on Sale
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The Avenger Cross Pommel Dagger
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Belt Frog for Daggers
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Additional Care and Cleaning Kit (All SBA swords come with one standard)

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Alright, let me say that when I look at this dagger, I can't help but think of it jammed point first into a medieval oaken table in the back room of some smokey tavern -- maybe a group of maverick knights are plotting an uprising, or a free-sword mercenary is accepting a shady offer. I think about blades hidden within the thick folds of hooded cloaks. And then I start thinking about how dogs have black gums. And then, of course, my mind wanders to monkeys, because I often think about monkeys and how funny they are. Ultimately, I end up debating the moral consequences of not holding the elevator door open for that running guy when I was late for work. Which brings us back to the crucifix form on daggers and its intended original purpose as an inspirational symbol for holy knights. That religious implications of the cross as a decoration became watered down quite a bit after the crusades, and cruciforms were added to some swords and daggers as almost an afterthought, as more of a decorative element than a religious one.

Knights historically have inscribed the blades of their swords with religious phrases and inspirational verbage. The dagger which was drawn by a knight rarely, would have been the perfect item to decorate more elaborately. Since the dagger would be sheathed for much of the time, why not add some "bling" (so to speak) to the pommel? The cross was a perfect way to show your devotion without resorting to bumper stickers on your horse (popular knight bumper stickers by the way included "My Other Horse is a Siege Tower," and "My Squire was an Honor Student at Benedictine Monastery.")

Seriously, though, the cross pommel was a brilliant way of adorning a dagger and was likely imitated throughout Europe, particularly during the Crusades. These daggers no doubt circulated quickly among the non-knight population and could be seen in devout and not-so-devout hands alike. Eventually, the cruciform was added to some blades as an aesthetic element, without much thought to why the design was being added.

The design of this particular dagger is perfect for attacking heavily armored opponents. The blade has a sinister, acute angle to it that could puncture mail and drink deeply from the spaces between armor plates. The compact gaurd would not easily get caught in straps or armor and would make the dagger difficult to parry. The guard and pommel are both made from a roughened brass, and the grip is leather over wood.

The blade is made from high carbon steel, hand-forged and, as mentioned, has a nasty swoop to it. For a dagger that was first inspired by religious warriors, this is one menacing dagger. The cross pommel can add either a touch of piety or a stroke of personality, depending on the costume or the environment in which it is displayed. Hung by a crucifix, for example, and it becomes the perfect symbol of holy sacrifice. Worn with a black mask and black gloves, and it becomes a signature for a colorful rogue.

The blade has been custom fitted into a leather-wrapped wood scabbard, which has brass accents on the tip and collar, and features a metal frog peg for easy insertion into any leather belt.

Overall Length: 22 inches
Blade Length:14 inches
Material:Blade: High carbon steel
Pommel and Cross: Nickel-Plated Steel
Grip: wood wrapped with braided steel wire
Scabbard: Leather-wrapped wood with steel accents.

This dagger is shipped with an unsharpened blade, but can be sharpened and holds an excellent edge.

Includes leather scabbard with steel accents.





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The Avenger: Cross-Pommel Dagger
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St. Paul MN
Written on:
August 21, 2015
Loved it!
My 9 year old got this unsharpened as a gift for his baptism and loved it. We had it engraved and he shows it off to all his friends!
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