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Brigantine Officer's Naval Cutlass with Wooden Grip

  • Beautiful Polished Brass Bell Guard
  • Hand-Forged High-Carbon Blade
  • Leather-Over-Wood Custom Scabbard With Brass Accents
  • Extremely Light, Well-Balanced and Comfortable
  • Rugged Hardwood Grip for a Swarthier Look
  • Full Tang
  • Models on Sale
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Brigantine Pirate Sword, Wood Grip
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Tempered Brigantine Pirate Naval Cutlass, Wood Handle
Out of Stock
Sharpened Tempered Brigantine Pirate Naval Cutlass, Wood Handle
20+ In Stock
Additional Care and Cleaning Kit (All SBA swords come with one standard)

* Stock items ship from Strongblade in 1-3 business days. Please allow additonal 2 to 5 business days for engraving or sharpening.
This item is also available with a leather grip. Please see our Brigantine Pirate Sword, Leather for details.

Brigantines were swift, double-masted skirmishing ships that prowled the seas looking for trouble. Pirates loved these ships, but it was only a great pirate captain that could capture one and use it as his own.

This backsword is what is typically refered to as a naval cutlass, and would have been used by pirates and privateers alike. The hand stitching on the grip and elegant bell guard would have made it a very expensive sword in its day and so it most likely would have been used by a captain or first mate. The spacious brass basket and compact curved blade made it ideal for ship-based combat. This reproduction is quite authentic, with real brass accessories including the bell guard and pommel.

This sword is probably the lightest and most comfortable pirate sword that we carry. It's light enough to swing quickly and easily and just feels great in your hand. The hardwood grip is sturdy and very comfortable to hold and there is ample room inside the bell for good finger-work (or a small sandwich for those battles that just seem to last forever). The blade is a hand-forged high-carbon steel. A shallow fuller is carved into the blade, giving the sword a nice lightness to it that would have made it lethal on deck.

Like most of our hand-made swords, each blade has a scabbard custom made for it, guaranteeing a great fit. The scabbard on this blade is made of wood and wrapped with leather. Brass accents at the throat and tip complement the sword and add a touch of Officer's class.

We offer this sword in a tempered sharpen and an un-tempered sharpen. The main difference is that the tempered will hold the edge.
Overall Length: 32 inches
Blade Length:26 inches
Weight:2.3 lbs.
Material of
Blade Tempered High-Carbon Steel
Gaurd and Pommel Polished Brass
Grip Double-stitched Leather over Wood.
Scabbard Custom-Molded Wood Wrapped with Leather & Brass Accents

The sword is shipped with an unsharpened blade, but the blade may be sharpened.

Includes leather-wrapped wooden scabbard



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Black Leather Sword Baldric
Black Leather Sword Baldric
 Brigantine Officer's Naval Cutlass
Brigantine Officer's Naval Cutlass
Medieval European Falchion
Medieval European Falchion

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Brigantine Pirate Sword, Wood Grip
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product rating
Written on:
March 23, 2022
Tis a beautiful sword to be owned by a great buccaneer! It looks great as a wall hanger above my door with my Pirates of the Caribbean posters! It was a great prop for a pirate costume for a play I was in. Well worth the money!
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product rating
Queensbury, NY
Written on:
June 15, 2018
Arrrr you in the market for a cool sword, matey?!
Pirate jokes aside, this is a beautiful weapon. I bought a few as gifts for my groomsman and I really admire the workmanship and finish, both on the brass and the wood on the sword, and even on the leather and brass on the scabbard. I am very pleased with the engraving too, though that's more of an assessment of Strongblade in general than this specific weapon; Roger was great about following up with me when I had a few questions about that.
3 of 3 people found this review helpful.
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