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Caladbolg, Irish Two Hander - Lightning Sword of Fergus

  • Massive Irish Battle Sword
  • Inspired by the sword of Fergus, Slayer of Sinach
  • Unique Celtic Circle Pommel
  • Hand Forged, High Carbon Blade
  • Fitted Leather-Over-Wood Sheath with Steel Accents
  • Models on Sale
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Caladbolg, Irish Two Hander with Sheath
Engrave this item for $15.  Engrave
Out of Stock
Caladhcholg; Irish Two-Hander without Fuller
18 In Stock
Deluxe Polish and Shine What's this?
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Sword Back Hanger
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Additional Care and Cleaning Kit (All SBA swords come with one standard)

* Stock items ship from Strongblade in 1-3 business days. Please allow additonal 2 to 5 business days for engraving or sharpening.
Legendary Irish hero Fergus of Ulster, Slayer of Sinach, wielded a fearsome "lightning sword" known as Caladbolg. No one really knows what this sword looked like, but we're betting it was similar to this classy celtic two-hander.

At a towering 52" long, this is a sword that can both intimidate and impress friends and enemies. The most notable feature of this sword (other than the massive 42" blade, that is) is the polished-steel Celtic ring pommel at the base of the grip. The unusual pommel lends a bit of refinement and artistic sensitivity to this fierce looking sword. A portion of the sword's tang passes through this ring, and is visible through the center of the circle. This type of artistry is typical (if a little advanced) for the Celts, who used organic shapes and themes in their craftsmanship.

The blade on this monster is a towering 42", which puts it in the Battle-Sword/Holy-Crap-That's-Big category. It's made from Strongblade's polished, high-carbon steel and features a unique triple-fuller design. These three fullers would have given the blade extra strength and a tiny bit less weight.

The elongated grip on this Irish two-hander is made from rugged hardwood wrapped with double-stitched leather. The grip tapers slightly near the pommel, where the celtic circle joins it. The guards are made of polished steel, and jut straight outward from the grip, with no curve to them, as is common with many swords of this size. Not so common are the organic spheres just inside of the flared tips at the end of the guards. These spheres reinforce the circular celtic theme of the ringed pommel.

Caladhcholg comes with a steel-accented, custom-fitted sheath of leather-wrapped wood. Huge muscles and battle-rage not included. Strongblade does not recommend trying to slay giant, marauding killer water dragons with this sword.

Now available without any fullers on the blade!
The traditional sword is offered with fullers(grooves) running down the blade. Although the fullers provide an accent to the blade, they do limit the engraving space on the blade. We can engrave between the fullers, but the space is limited. We now we offer an exact version of this sword but without the fullers. The blade is an open canvas waiting for any engraving design you choose. Even if you prefer not to engrave the blade, the bare blade may appeal to those who like the look of a simpler blade design.

Optional Back Hanger
This sword includes a leather wrapped wooden sheath, but we also offer an optional back hanger. The back hanger allows you to wear the sword on your back "Braveheart" style. The included scabbard is not used with the back hanger.
sword back hanger

Please note: Because of it's size, this item is subject to oversized package shipping rates.
Overall Length: 53.5 inches
Blade Length:40.5 inches
Width: 0 inches
Depth:0 inches
Weight:5 lbs.
Material of

The sword is shipped with an unsharpened blade, but the blade may be sharpened.

Includes leather scabbard

Care and Cleaning Kit for Swords, Dagger, Helmets and more
Care and Cleaning Kit for Swords, Dagger, Helmets and more
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Caladbolg, Irish Two Hander
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product rating
Toronto Canada
Written on:
September 12, 2021
Very pleased
Very pleased with the sword. Well made and impressive looking, perfect for a gallowglass impression. First rate service from Roger. Certainly will be coming back to Strongblade.
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product rating
Riverton, Wy
Written on:
October 17, 2019
This sword has amazing handling and balance for its mass and length! Did not pay for the sharpening service bit it took and edge nicely and performed above average on cuts and edge alignment. Overall I I have only one minor complaint, which is the thi hilt is slick when your hands sweat, I fixed this by wrapping it tightly with leather braid. Agian i consider this to be a very minor flaw in an overall amazing sword for the price! Will definitely buy from these guys again!
3 of 3 people found this review helpful.
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product rating
Written on:
October 19, 2017
This sword is beautiful! Absolutely amazing, and more than I could have hoped for. The quality is superb, and it was engraved, mailed out, and received in no time at all. I couldn't be happier with the results!
3 of 6 people found this review helpful.
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product rating
Shelbyville Ky
Written on:
September 19, 2017
Irish battleblade
I purchased this as a retirement gift for a friend. The engraving was beautiful and the sword impressive work. Everyone loved it and want one for themselves. I highly recommend Strongblade.
3 of 3 people found this review helpful.
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