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Spartan Lakonia 20-inch Short Sword with Bronze Grip and Guard

  • Beautiful, Tempered Spartan Short Sword/Dagger
  • Hilt Made from Pure, Polished, Solid Bronze
  • Leather Wrapped Wood Sheath with Bronze Studs
  • 15-inch Oak Leaf Blade
  • Available with Tempered and Non-Tempered Blades
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Spartan Lakonia with Bronze Grip
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Tempered Spartan Lakonia with Bronze Grip
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Sharpened Tempered Spartan Lakonia with Bronze Grip

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The Lakonia, named after the region of Greece ruled by Sparta, was one of the primary short swords of the Hoplite. It was second only to the spear and was used when their opponents came in close. These very small short swords featured the oak-leaf blade shape common to most Greek swords. They were not much more than daggers, but in the hands of a trained Hoplite, they were unbelievably effective.

This particular Lakonia is made as authentically as possible, with a hilt made from pure, solid bronze. The bronze is polished to a mirror shine, giving the sword an almost electric look to it and a thick, hulky feel. In fact, the solid hilt combined with the light, beautifully forged blade give this short sword a fantastic balance and a wonderful grip.

The blade of the SBA-LAKONIA is made from EN45 carbon steel. We offer the blade in both tempered and non-tempered versions. The tempered blade undergoes additional heat treating which makes the blade hold a better edge when sharpened. We offer the sharpening as an option for the tempered blade. The non-tempered blade can also be sharped on special request. The Lakonia comes with a leather-wrapped wood sheath adorned with brass studs. The studs are set into a brass cross-piece with small belt loops on either side. This allows the Lakonia to be worn on a thin leather thong or rope.

Overall Length: 19.5 inches
Blade Length: 2 inches
Blade Width: 14.5 inches(at widest point)
Blade Materials: EN454 Carbon Steel. Hilt: Solid Bronze.
Weight:2 lbs.

Comes with Leather-wrapped wood sheath that has a studded brass crosspiece.

Blade is un-sharpened but can be sharpened as an option.
Includes and care and cleaning kit.

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