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The Maurader, Weathered Cutlass - Antiqued Pirate Cutlass with Leather Sheath

  • Beautifully Weathered Blue-Black High-Carbon Blade
  • Striking Black Bell Guard
  • Polished Hardwood Handle
  • Side-Entry Genuine Leather Sheath
  • Sturdy Construction
  • A Strongblade Exclusive Design!
  • Full Tang
  • Models on Sale
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Pirate Maurading Cutlass with Sheath
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Alrighty then. We've been wanting to carry a weathered cutlass like this for a while, but couldn't find one that met all of our specifications. So, we had our designers sharpen their pencils and come up with our very own antiqued pirate sword.

The Maurader has a strong bell gaurd. The guard is made from a blackened metal, which makes it much cooler and harder to spot during quick night-time raids. It is also peened securely in place with an external ring making it much less likely to come loose when swung.

The weathering technique used on this sword is fantastic as well. Our craftsmen used a proprietary acid-etching technique on the item which gives it a much more authentically antique look than on other cutlasses. The weathering process makes the blade a very dark grey, with hundreds of subdued and swirling colors hidden within (almost Damascus-style). Our craftsmen have also added pits and abrasions to the blade to simulate hard usage on many 'a ship battles.

The blade itself is typical of the type used by 16th-17th century pirates. It has a 26" high-carbon steel blade with a deep strengthening fuller along the unsharpened spine. With the amount of salt and humidity on a pirate ship, it would have been very difficult to find a spotless sword blade. Most blades would have been grimy and and weathered by the sea air. And anyway, who wants to be a pirate whith a shiny clean sword? Nay, if it's a pirate look yer after, then this be the sword ya be wanting. Apologies, my hidden pirate voice broke out for a moment (and it's not even International Talk Like a Pirate Day yet!).

Another great feature on this sword is the side-entry, genuine leather sheath. The sheath features a long loop strap that allows it to be worn on a belt or baldric with equal ease. The entry position for the sheath is on it's side (which reminds me of a girl I dated in college...). Simply slide it in sideways, snap the leather closure strap and the blade is safely stored for use on the next raid.

Length: 31.5 inches
Blade Length 26 inches
Material: Antiqued High Carbon Blade. Polished Hardwood Grip. Blackened Hand-Gaurd with Double-Nut Construction. Black, Genuine Leather Side-Entry Sheath.
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The Maurader, Weathered Cutlass
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phx ariz.
Written on:
November 05, 2015
the pirate maurador weathered cutlas
this was thr first sword bought from strong blade mine wasn't tempered or sharpened.had to sharpen mine,the tang is made right with the threds put on end of tang with tool not welded.have cut beach mats various water bottles.nice pirate sword.great customer service.ray blundell
2 of 5 people found this review helpful.
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