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Norman Sword with Molded Leather Scabbard with Belt Hangers

  • 35 Inch Hand Forged Blade
  • Blade Made from EN-45 Spring Steel
  • Gorgeous yet Comfortable Two Handed Sculptured Leather Wrapped Grip
  • Impressive Overall Length of 45 inches
  • Beautiful Brown Leather Scabbard Matches Hilt
  • Scabbard Includes Leather Belt Hanger
  • Models on Sale
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Out of Stock
Scratch and Dent Tempered Norman Two Hand Sword(discoloration on pommel)
Out of Stock
Scrath and Dent Sharpened Tempered Norman Two Hand Sword(discoloration on pommel)

* Stock items ship from Strongblade in 1-3 business days. Please allow additonal 2 to 5 business days for engraving or sharpening.
This is a non-returnable closeout item which has been greatly reduced in price. When inventory is gone, it will no longer be available.
The Normans were a warrior people from the northern region of France(now Normandy). They were descended from the Vikings or Norsemen from which the term Norman was derived. Their swords included the characteristics blade length fuller, cross style guard and disc shaped pommel which we have included in this gorgeous replica.

Beautiful and Functional
The Norman two-handed sword is one of our most beautiful pieces. Boasting an impressive overall size of 45 inches with a blade length of 35 inches it still has a comfortable weight and balance. Although a true two-hander, it is light and well balanced enough to be wielded with one hand(for those mighty enough to wield it that way).
The blade is hand forged from spring steel and features a full length fuller which is characteristic of this style of sword. The hilt has a cross styled guard and a beautifully sculptured grip which not only stylish but also functional. The hilt is topped with a disc shaped pommel, which is also characteristic of the Norman style swords and also provides a counter balance for the long blade.
The Norman Two-hander includes a stunningly attractive scabbard. The wooden scabbard is wrapped in Burgundy colored leather to match the swords hilt. The mouth of the scabbard has a decoratively stitched leather sword guide which adds class and functionality to the scabbard allowing the sword to be inserted into the scabbard smoothly and gracefully. The scabbard has a stylish contoured shape but best of all includes two belt mounts that allow the scabbard to hung from a belt without an additional sword frog or sword hanger.

Add a Custom Engraving
Like all of our swords you can personalize the Norman Two-hander with a custom engraving. Just click on the Engrave Button, in the "To Order" box to enter our engraving app and make this special sword a personalized work of art.

Overall Length: 45 inches
Blade Length:35 inches
Blade Width at Widest Point:2 inches
Weight:3.4 lbs.
Construction:EN-45 Carbon Steel

Blade is provided unsharpened but may be sharpened optionally.

Includes leather scabbard and a care and cleaning kit

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Two Handed Norman Sword
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product rating
Written on:
May 29, 2021
This sword came for my graduation and I am very impressed with the work that Strongblade has done. The blade was dirty, but nothing a little polish couldn't fix. The sword is very well balanced and easy to hold. The inscription also looks beautiful. Thanks to all those at Strongblade, especially Roger who answered my questions about the sword's tang.
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product rating
Written on:
December 27, 2019
Great sword. Sturdy. Thank you to Roger in technical support, answered all my questions, very professional
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