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Ancient Greek Hoplite's Phalanx Blade

  • Daunting Oak-Leaf, High-Carbon Blade
  • Silvered Pommel and Guard
  • Double-Stitched Leather Grip
  • Way-Cool Studded Scabbard
  • Hand-Forged and Rugged
  • Models on Sale
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Hoplite Phalanx Blade
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Hoplite Phalanx Blade, Tempered What's this?
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Sharpened Hoplite Phalanx Blade, Tempered and Sharpened
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Hoplite Phalanx Blade (One sheath belt loop missing)
20+ In Stock
Additional Care and Cleaning Kit (All SBA swords come with one standard)

* Stock items ship from Strongblade in 1-3 business days. Please allow additonal 2 to 5 business days for engraving or sharpening.
The Greek hoplites were, pound-for-pound, some of the best armed and armored soldiers in history. This phalanx sword was an integral part of their combat equipment. Similar in style and construction to the Roman Gladius, the hoplite sword was relatively short, powerful and capable of both slashing and thrusting.

This is a spectacular reproduction of a hoplite sword. The blade has the characteristic oak-leaf blade, slightly wider toward the point than at the forte portion of the blade (near the pommel). The blade itself is a lustrous and powerful high carbon steel. The focal point of this sword, though, is the thick silvered guard. Simple and efficient, the cross nevertheless has a pleasing aesthetic to it; a lion's savage beauty. The pommel is also silvered to a mirror finish.

The second focal point of this sword is the brass studded scabbard; easy to grip and easier to find on your belt when your spear has snapped in half. The scabbard also looks darn cool, making this a sword that looks great both in and out of its sheath.

Perfectly acceptable for light sparring (under the proper supervision), but not recommended for serious blade to blade action. This is a truly wearable sword and a resplendent addition to any collection.
Overall Length: 28.5 inches
Blade Length:22 inches
Width: 4 inches
Depth:1 inches
Weight:2.6 lbs.
Material of

The sword is shipped with an unsharpened blade, but the blade may be sharpened.

Includes leather wrapped scabbard

Roman Gladius: Praetorian Guard
Roman Gladius: Praetorian Guard
Roman Gladius  Type III with Double Loop Scabbard
Roman Gladius Type III with Double Loop Scabbard

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Greek Sword
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product rating
phx ariz.
Written on:
November 05, 2015
ancient greek phalanx sword
I brought the sharpened tempered one, sword is little blade heave but cuts well,have cut mats,and various water bottles with out and problems.this sword woth the style of blade is a very strong cutter,also the tang is made correct.great customer service.ray blundell
5 of 6 people found this review helpful.
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product rating
Written on:
June 02, 2015
Wedding Gift Success
I just wanted to send a big thank you for ensuring that my wedding gift to my husband arrived in time for our wedding. it was used in the ceremony & is in alot of our photos. I was very impressed how fast you shipped the Hoplite Phalanx Blade and will be buying from you in the future. It was also a nice gesture sending a special gift with the package, it proves that there are still decent people out there. Thank you so much again......my husband is a very happy man.
8 of 9 people found this review helpful.
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