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The Sentinel: Sword-Hilted Dagger

  • Hilt: Wire-Wrapped Wood with Leather Over All
  • Oakeshott Type G Pommel
  • Comes with Black Leather Scabbards
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The Sentinel: Sword-Hilted Dagger
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Belt Frog for Daggers
20+ In Stock
Additional Care and Cleaning Kit (All SBA swords come with one standard)

* Stock items ship from Strongblade in 1-3 business days. Please allow additonal 2 to 5 business days for engraving or sharpening.
The photos speak for themselves on this sword-hilted dagger. It's a masterful design. We hate to get melodramatic, but really, this dagger exemplifies everything that makes medieval weapons so cool.

Noble, elegant and simple, the dagger has a long, sword-like hilt, an Oakeshott Type "G" brass pommel and a modified Type 6 cross (also of brass). The hilt is wood wrapped with wire, which is then wrapped with a soft black leather. The blade is 14" long, made from Strongblade's High Carbon Steel.

The dagger is flawless in balance and design, and can be used for sparring, provided all safety precautions are taken and the proper safety equipment is worn, yadda, yadda, yadda ...
Overall Length: 20 inches
Blade Length:14 inches
Material:Blade: High carbon steel
Pommel and Cross: Brass
Grip: wood wrapped with wire and leather.

The sword is shipped with an unsharpened blade, but the blade can be sharpened to a very good edge.

Includes leather scabbard with brass accents.


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Black Leather Frog Hanger for Daggers and Small Swords
Black Leather Frog Hanger for Daggers and Small Swords
Care and Cleaning Kit for Swords, Dagger, Helmets and more
Care and Cleaning Kit for Swords, Dagger, Helmets and more
Liege Blade Noble Dagger with scabbard
Liege Blade Noble Dagger with scabbard

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The Sentinel: Sword Hilted Dagger
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Written on:
May 25, 2016
head knockers
Bought two of these for a dual wield Rogue/Thief type character. Re-skinned both the handles and the scabbards with risers and texture lines. They not only look great, but one wouldn't have to defend oneself with the blade at all, just hit them on the head with one of those big pommels-it would end any disagreement!
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