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Black-Hilted, Ring-Guarded Bastard Sword

  • Full-Tang, High Carbon Steel Bastard Sword
  • Beautifully Elaborate Ring-Gaurd System
  • 30-inch Blade Length for Easier Swing and Balance
  • Black Guard, Grip and Pommel
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Shadow-Ward Bastard Sword

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The Shadow-Ward Brotherhood is a secret society charged with the task of protecting the realm from the sinister, demonic forces of the Underdark. This hand-and-a-half bastard sword is typical of the weapons that they carry.

It's also typical of a 14th - 15th century Germanic, ring-hilted bastard sword, but that's entirely a coincidence.

The weapon is slightly shorter than typical bastard swords, which makes it much easier to handle, swing and carry. It is made from EN45 high carbon steel with a full tang.

The blade is infused with the blood of captured demons, giving the sword an added potency against demons and other creatures of the Underdark. (editor's note; That last sentence is not true. As anyone knows, holding demons captive is against the Mithrolien Treaty, signed into law in D.E. 410 by King Terian III. Strongblade would never break any legal treaty or convention. But if we happened upon a roadkill demon on the side of a road somewhere ...).

The Shadow-Ward sword features a complex ring-hilt system with wide guards and a long mushroom pommel. The metal on the guard and pommel is blackened to match the Shadow-Ward uniforms and to make it less visible in the Underdark (or any convenient shadows).

This sword comes with a leather-wrapped wood scabbard and a basic Care and Cleaning Kit. The scabbard comes with blackened metal throat and tip accents.

We have high hopes for this sword, but currently we have a limited number of them in stock. Grab yours now or you'll have to wait a few months for the next batch.

Material: EN45 High Carbon Steel
Overall length:38 Inches
Blade Length:30 Inches

Comes with a leather-wrapped wooden scabbard (with blackened metal throat and tip) and a basic care and cleaning kit.

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