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Roman Pilum Spear 75 Inches

  • Beautifully Crafted
  • Portable Three Piece, Easy Storage
  • Wood Construction
  • Overall Length is 75 Inches
  • Models on Sale
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Roman Pilum Spear

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This Pilum is a re-creation of later Roman footman styles (circa 100 A.D.). It features a long shaft wrapped with rope and a heavy steel triangular tip. The shaft is riveted powerfully to an angular wooden guard that is reinforced with the standard wide and flat tang of the shank. This guard would have protected the legionnaire's hand. The legionnaire could also have wedged this guard against the inside of his shield, making it more difficult for someone to pull the pilum out of his hand. The heavy gaurd and long wooden shaft gives the spear a nice weight and would have helped a Roman soldier penetrate his opponent's shield.

The Pilum comes in three pieces - This is great for transporting the spear.

Overall Length: 75 Inches
Weight: 3.3 lbs
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Roman Pilum
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Hagerstown, MD
Written on:
January 11, 2016
Don't throw it very often
This pilum is a nice looking piece, great for display or as an accessory piece for LARP play. I used it for a Christmas play and actually tossed it about 25 times into a hay bale or the ground if I missed. It held up OK but, by the end of the play's run, the metal shaft was starting to loosen a bit in its mount. It didn't come apart, but it wiggles not. Maybe if I didn't miss the hay bale so much...
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