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Ankh Fatale Necklace with Decorative Hidden Blade

  • Hand Made in England Using Only the Finest English Pewters
  • Engraved with Egyptian Runes of Power, Security and Health
  • Small Hidden Blade Says You'll Fight for Eternal Life
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Ankh with Disguised Blade

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The Egyptian ankh is the symbol of eternal life. Not the "I'm a vampire and I'll live forever as a 20-something hottie that sucks out the blood of attractive college students after I have my way with them" sort of eternal life, though. More of an Obi Wan Kenobi type of "If you kill me I will become more powerful than you can imagine" sort of thing. But this particular ankh is probably referring to the "You won't kill me because I have a weapon hidden inside this ankh, so I'll live longer than you" type of eternal life.

That's right, hidden inside the sheath is a tiny blade that symbolizes your ability to ward of death. The blade isn't a real weapon, but it is quite a conversation piece when you pull it from the engraved ankh sheath.

The Ankh Fatale is hand-crafted in England, using only the finest English pewters. It is inscribed with various Egyptian glyphs including an ankh (does that ankh have an ankh inscribed on it? And if it does, does the ankh inscribed on it have an ankh inscribed on it as well? Who can tell. I have a headache, now. That I CAN tell you). Other symbosl include the Eye of Horus (which symbolizes healing, protection, and the eternal struggle between good and evil), and the Djed (the symbol of the spine, representing stability and strength).

The ankh comes with it's own nickel free chain and a 10,000 year guarantee against evil Egyptian sprits and the minions of Seth.

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