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Bindrune Hammer Pewter Pendant and Silver chain

  • Stylish Rendition of Thor's Symbol
  • Detailed, Fierce and Intricately Embossed
  • Etched with Norse Designs
  • Comes with Stylish Chain
  • Models on Sale
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Bindrune Hammer Pewter Pendant and Silver chain

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The Hammer is possibly the most recognizable of all Viking symbols. Besides the silly horned helmets which were never actually used by Vikings, that is (except for Hagar the Horrible, of course).

Thor was of course the God of Thunder, which really has to be the best thing to be a god of. Sure, lightning hurts and fire burns, but nothing has quite the *presence* of a nearby thunder boom. He rode the skies with Mjolnir -- his mighty hammer -- creating loud deafening thunder with it (recent science has tried to prove that the sound was actually made by flapping a gigantic cookie sheet when no one was looking, but I refuse to believe that).

This pendant features detailed Viking carvings, stylized and capped by a mean-looking Viking spectacle helm. The details on this piece are fantastic. Carved entirely in pewter the piece has a very nice heft and a very authentic look to it. Authentic style, Scandinavian Thor's Hammer, inscribed with powerful bindrunes to command energy, courage, potency and conquest.

Quick-Strike Classic Viking Raider Sword
Quick-Strike Classic Viking Raider Sword

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