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Seven-Sided, Seven-Sins Pewter Goblet

  • Impressive 7-Sided Converging Design
  • Features the Sigil for Each of the 7 Deadly Sins
  • Hand Crafted in England
  • Made from the Finest English Pewters
  • Models on Sale
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Scratch and Dent Seven Sins Heptagonal Goblet(defect is a small tilt from the base)

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Alright smarty. You try to get a seven-sided object to taper gracefully into a perfect circle and see how far you get. It's one of the hardest structures that the designers have ever had to create, but boy did they ever succeed! The seven-sided concept is one that has been admired for hundreds of years. This one, based on a 16th century goblet in glass, incorporates a theme.

The Cardinal Goblet is a three-dimensional sculpture representing the Seven Deadly Sins: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. You may not know them all, but I'm sure you've broken a few of them (heck, I think I broke all seven in the span of about a hour one night in college). Each of the Sins is represented on one of the seven sides of this goblet with a small sigil. These seven sigils form the "SALIGIA" pneumonic. What's the "SALIGIA" pneumonic, you ask? It's the first letter of each of the sins in Latin, I answer. Superbia (pride), avaritia (greed), luxuria (lust), invidia (envy), gula (gluttony), ira, acedia (sloth).

Made in England by the world's best pewtersmiths, the Cardinal Goblet is perfect for drinking wine or any other appropriate fluid.

Materisl: Safe English pewter.

Handmade Pewter Tankard with Dragon Grip
Handmade Pewter Tankard with Dragon Grip

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