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Memento Mori: Skeletal Reflection Mirror Pendant

  • Crafted in England from the Finest English Pewters
  • Beautiful Girl Stares into Mirror and Sees Skeletal Reflection
  • Real Mirror with Latin Inscriptions Surrounding It
  • Waxed Thongs with Elaborate Pewter Clasp
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Memento Mori Pendant

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Let's set the record straight . this pendant is not a funny representation of what you look like in the mirror when you first wake up (although that's pretty much what I look like, only more hideous).

This is the Memento Mori, which, translated from Latin means "I would like another one of those chewy mints that come in a roll, please." Oh, wait, I actually found the correct definition on the Web, so I don't have to lie anymore. It actually means "Remember that you will die," and is a cheerful reminder that no matter how swell things seem to be going, you are mortal and will have maggots eating at your marrow some day. Okay, I'm a plagiarist. I stole that from a Hallmark card I read the other day. (editor's note to Hallmark: That's a lie. He is trying to be funny. Please don't try to sue us).

Many people see many different things in this mirror pendant though. Some see the psychological trauma of Anorexia, some view it as a statement on beauty, and still others think, "Man, that chick's naked and stuff!"

The pendant features a circular mirror with ivy patterns wrapping around the top of the frame and forming the loop that the thong runs through. The most striking part of this is obviously the attractive woman seen from the back, staring in to the mirror. When looked at straight on, you can't see the skeleton; It just looks like a girl looking into a mirror. But when you tilt it slightly, the horrifying skeletal figure that stares back from within the mirror is visible.
This mirror pendant is crafted in England by master pewtersmiths, using only the finest English pewters. It features a waxed-thong "chain" with pewter tips and clasp. It is approximately 1.75 inches high and scares the bejeesus out of me.

Materials: Fine English Pewters. Waxed Tongs with Pewter Tips.
Size: Approximately 1.75 inches high

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