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Nox Serpentis Goblet of Darkness - Medieval Grail

  • Sumptuously Designed and Crafted in England
  • Bears Six -- Count 'em Six --Swarovski Crystals
  • A Darkly Insiduous Serpent Winds Gracefully Around Grail
  • Made From the Finest English Pewters
  • 6.5 Inches High
  • Models on Sale
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Nox Serpentis Goblet

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Nox Serpentis, which, in Latin, loosely translates to "knocks loudly." How can you not love a grail that knocks loudly? I mean, it doesn't just knock, it knocks loudl... oh alright. That's not what it translates to. Nox Serpentis actually means "The night of the Serpent," and it represents the eternal struggle between good and evil, light and dark, temptation and self control, Coke and Pepsi.

This cup is an absolute beauty. Pictures can't really do it justice (although kudos to the photographer for getting some wonderful shots). The goblet is made in England, using only the finest of pewters. It bears not one, or two or three or even four Swarovski crystals, but SIX. That's right. Six. Swarovski. Do I really need to say it again? I think I do. Six Swarovski crystals. There, I said it. These blueish/purple crystals sparkle like only Swarovski crystals can, and add a matchless elegance.

A dark pewter snake curls sinuously around the base of the grail -- a constant reminder that darkness and deception is always closer than you think. Oh, and did I mention the SIX swarovski crystals? If you're looking for a gift taht willnever be forgotten, or just want something amazing to drink from, then look no further. Or farther. Or fodder for that matter.

Materials: Fine English pewter. SIX Swarovski crystals.
6.5 inches High
Cup is 4.5 innches in diameter
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