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Single-Bladed Battle Axe with Sharpened Spike

  • Stainless Steel!
  • Wood Shaft with Studded Inlays
  • Perfect for Mounting
  • Overall Length is 32 inches
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Single Bladed Battle Axe
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This single-bladed battle axe is a fun axe hold. Hand-crafted and made of Stainless steel, the axe features a 7 inch rounded cutting edge and sharpened spike. The handle is of Brown hardwood with studded inlays.

The axe makes a fierce looking display, particularly with two axes and possibly a shield. Also a brilliant accessory to any warrior garb. It would be devastating and dangerous to spar with, so please do not use for such purposes.
The Battle Axe is attle Axe - 32" overall. 10 1/8 inch axe head with 7 inch cutting edge.
Overall Length: 32 inches
Blade Length:7 inches
Width: 0 inches
Depth:0 inches
Weight:2.6 lbs.
Material of
Stainless Steel


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 Double-Bladed Battleaxe - Stainless Steel Double-Bladed Battle Axe
Double-Bladed Battleaxe - Stainless Steel Double-Bladed Battle Axe
Decorative Battle Axe for Display or Costume Use
Decorative Battle Axe for Display or Costume Use

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