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Decorative Battle Scimitar with Two-Tone Grip

  • The Tip is, Frankly, Terrifying
  • Two-Tone Grip of Polished Rich-Grain Wood and Chrome Spacer
  • Stainless Steel Blade Makes Sword Light and Balanced
  • Side-Entry Leather Sheath
  • Models on Sale
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Two-handed Battle Scimitar

* Stock items ship from Strongblade in 1-3 business days. Please allow additonal 2 to 5 business days for engraving or sharpening.
This is a scratch and dent item. Not because they all have problems, but because we find a lot with minor blemishes or imperfections. We would discontinue them, but they look so darned cool that we don't have the heart to stop selling it. We've dropped the price on it but you may very well end up with one that has no imperfections

This scimitar is probably closest in nature to a Turkish Kilij, with its maniac tip flare and narrow forte (start of the blade, near the hilt, for those of you who were smoking in the courtyard during your Sword Anatomy 101 class). The sword is not 100% historically accurate, but it embodies the spirit of the Kilij wonderfully. The blade starts narrow (at the aforementioned forte) then swoops into a massive flaring tip that seems to defy physics. With its weight-forward design, these blades were wonderful for chopping melons (and I ain't talking about the fruit).

This particular Kilij reproduction has a Stainless Steel blade, making it much lighter than it would have been had it been high-carbon (although, if you're looking for a fully tempered, high-carbon Scimitar similar to this one, check out our Firedancer Scimitar). This makes it an ideal sword for carrying around and swinging. It also gives the sword an amazing balance, despite the monolithic killing end.

The hilt on this scimitar is made from two types of polished rich-grain wood. Each piece is a different color, which gives the grip a very refined look, and balances the savage appearance of the sword nicely. A chrome spacer separates the two pars of the grip, adding to the rich appearance. Chrome crossguards and pommel complete the sword.

The scimitar comes with a leather side-entry sheath, designed specifically for this sword.

Wicked Stainless Steel Blade
Chrome Guard and Pommel
Two-Tone Grip of polished, Rich-Grain Wood
Leather Side-Entry Sheath

Overall Length: 37 inches
Blade Length: 26 1/2 inches

The Sindar Kilij - Scimitar of the Ottoman Empire
The Sindar Kilij - Scimitar of the Ottoman Empire
Persian Prince War Scimitar
Persian Prince War Scimitar
The Firedancer - Fully balanced, hand-forged, tempered scimitar
The Firedancer - Fully balanced, hand-forged, tempered scimitar

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Two-Handed Battle Scimitar
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3652 Lakeview Dr
Written on:
February 16, 2020
Great Product
I bought this for my boyfriend's Valentine's gift and it was better than I expected. Great customer service and quality. The postal service lost my order and I emailed strong blade for customer service and they sent me a new one once we were sure it was lost. I would definitely order from this site again.
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