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The Star Peacemaker - Non-firing, engraved cowboy-style revolver

  • Non-firing, but Fully Working Trigger, Hammer and Chambers
  • Exact Look, Feel and Weight of the Actual Colt .45
  • Workable Loading Gate and Shell Ejector
  • Mock Bullets can be Loaded (sold separately)
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Peacemaker Cowboy Colt 45 Pistol Replica
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Non-Fireable Bullet Replicas 12-pack

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Everybody in the world, particularly male everybodies, has stood in front of a mirror at some point in their life with an imaginary revolver at their side. Heck, I still do this from time to time (although I'm usually also nude and wearing dishwashing gloves and women's socks, but that's really not important at the moment). There's something about the gunslinger that speaks to us and our sense of justice. The quiet loner coming into town, reluctantly righting the wrongs then riding off.

This museum reproduction pistol is an unbelievably gratifying replica of a Colt .45 six-shooter pistol (available in Cowboy quickdraw (4 inch barrel. It has a nickel plating that gives the pistol a high gloss and dark finish that looks antique gray.

The pistol can't actually fire, but you can cock the trigger to half or full and release it by squeezing the trigger. The cylinder actually turns when pull the trigger, like a real six shooter, moving to the next shell in line. You reload the gun by sliding a loading gate to the side, revealing one of the chambers. Slide a bullet in place (you can buy mock bullets down below or on the fake bullet page here) and move to the next cylinder. When you've fired off five or six rounds, just open the loading gate again and use the functional shell ejector rod to pop the casings out and load em up again.

These revolver reproductions are made of the highest quality parts, in Spain. Their size, weight and design are identical in every way to the original Colt single-action six-shooters of 1873. We can't tell you how much fun it is to hold one (well we could, but you wouldn't believe us until you tried one). We have several Strongblade employees who aren't really that into Western stuff or at least they weren't until they got their hands on these Western six shooters. There's something so addictive about these guns; you really can't put them down (no, really. We coat them with superglue before sending them out) (editor's note: no we don't). Adding a holster to the mix ensures regression to your childhood you'll hold shootouts regularly around your home or office. And when they're not on your hip, they make fantastic display pieces.
Overall Length: 10 1/2" overall.
Color: Antique gray gun metal finish barrel.

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