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Imperator - Richly Detailed, Decorative Gladius of Julius Caesar

  • The Finest Looking Gladius We Carry
  • Blade and Hilt Ornately Carved and Enraved
  • Roman Eagle on Pommel, SPQR on Guard
  • Highest Quality Stainless Steel
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Imperator: Sword of Julius Caesar
Out of Stock
Imperator: Sword of Julius Caesar Gold

* Stock items ship from Strongblade in 1-3 business days. Please allow additonal 2 to 5 business days for engraving or sharpening.
An imperator is, of course, someone who pretends to be someone else. And Julius Caesar pretended to be an emperor better than anyone in history. In fact, there were thousands of statues and images of him all across Rome. He sure fooled a lot of people. (editor's note: Imperator is the Roman word for Emperor. Julius Caesar actually was Emperor of Rome. Please humor our writer. He tries hard).

This sword is a fitting tribute to the man who was proclaimed a God by the Roman Senate after his death. It's about as beautiful a sword as we've seen. The surgical stainless steel blade is polished to a high sheen and richly engraved with ivy patterns. A round, golden boss at the forte of the blade is engraved with an image of Caesar and the words "Imperator" and "Caesar" engraved around the edges. Two pegasi (winged horses, you Roman-mythologically challenged ponces) in bas-relief hold a ring of ivy between them. Inside the ring is a brilliantly carved, steel Roman Eagle. Below the horses, the Roman SPQR juts out in relief (it stands for "Senatus Populusque Romanus," which means a beautiful and popular Roman song, or sonata.)(Okay, that's not true. A quick check on Google shows that it actually means "the senate and people of Rome," which could, in a symbolic sort of way, be a beautiful song of sorts. I guess.)

There is little of this sword that is not engraved or otherwise highly decorated. The rich, laquered and waisted grip is anchored by a series of etched metal rings at the center, each carved with elaborate patterns. The pommel features grandiose ivy patterns and regal images of Caesar and his confidantes.

This is one of the finest display swords we sell, and would make a fantastic gift for any Roman hitory buff or fan of Julius Caesar. Heck, it would make a great gift for just about anyone. Oh, and think of what a great award it would make for recognition in the workplace! The possibilities are endless, but know this... I really really want one, so if you buy one, could you please get a second for me? I think I get a discount for working for Strongblade, so the second one wouldn't cost that much. Please? Pleeeeease?

Overall Length: 30 1/2"
Blade Length: 23"
Weight: 3lbs 13oz
Materials: Blade: Polished Stainless Steel. Grip: Wood and Steel. Pommel: Carved Steel.

Note: This sword does not include a sheath.
Roman Gladius  Type III with Double Loop Scabbard
Roman Gladius Type III with Double Loop Scabbard

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