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The Firedancer - Fully balanced, hand-forged, tempered scimitar

  • Hand-Forged, Tempered and Functional Scimitar
  • Works Great for Everything From Hacking to Bellydancing
  • Crafted by the World Famous Hanwei Forge
  • Amazing Balance and Handling
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Firedancer: Balanced and Tempered Scimitar
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Sharpened Firedancer: Balanced and Tempered Scimitar
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The best way to describe this scimitar in historical terms is to say that it is a cross between a Persian shamshir and a Turkish kilij. The best way to describe this scimitar in non-historical terms is to say it is freaking unbelievable.

It's a perfectly balanced, perfectly tempered, hand-forged scimitar. It was created in the world-famous Hanwei forge with temper, balance and craftsmanship as the highest priorities. We'd compare it to some other scimitars but we've really not handled one that can compare to it.

It is very light for a scimitar of its size, and handles very well. In fact, so well that it has been used by bellydancers in their routines. The balance is truly remarkable on this sword (POB is about a third of the way down the blade)(if you don't understand what that last sentence means, don't worry about it. I'm not really sure myself). (editor's note: He's lying. He knows exactly what it means.) (Editor's note: he damn well better or we're getting a new writer). The balance is so good, in fact, that the scimitar can actually be placed upside down, on the back edge, and balanced on any object (including someone's head, for you bellydancers out there).

As mentioned before, this most resembles a traditional Kilij. It has the characteristic slim blade for the first two thirds, then flares dramatically (and intimidatingly) at last third (this flared end is called a Yelmen, for those of you who keep up on those sorts of things).

Blade length(inches): 31
Handle length(inches): 4
Overall length(inches): 38
Weight: 3lb 2oz

Materials: Blade is Forged and Tempered High Carbon Steel. Gaurds and Pommel are made from Brass. Grip is Leather-Wrapped Wood.
Additional specs:
Full tang, it is a hidden tang
-carbon steel 0.62~0.7
-blade type of steel 65MN
-is heat treated
The Sindar Kilij - Scimitar of the Ottoman Empire
The Sindar Kilij - Scimitar of the Ottoman Empire
Persian Prince War Scimitar
Persian Prince War Scimitar

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Balanced Scimitar
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product rating
San Antonio, TX
Written on:
May 12, 2018
Menacing sword
This scimitar is just brutal. The curved blade is amazing to look at, and despite the size, it feels rather light. It lacks a scabbard (I plan on making one myself), but that does not retract any value from this sword. The quality of the craftsmanship is definitely worth the price.
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product rating
Written on:
May 09, 2018
This scimitar is well put together and feels solid in hand. Has a nice edge to it. Building a scabard has been quite the challenge due to the curve of the blade. Sexy looking sword Will buy again .
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