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Pirate Brusque: Compact Blunderbuss Flintlock Pistol

  • Beautifully Crafted Flintlock Reproduction from Spain
  • Compact Size for Easy Concealment and Portability
  • Working Trigger and Striking Mechanism
  • Clamped 'Flint' Visible on Cocking Mechanism
  • Intricately Carved and Embosssed Steel Casings
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Pirate Brusque Flintlock

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The Brusque is a compact, stylish and well crafted flintlock. Its name "Brusque" means curt, short and rude, which is preceisely what it can be; short in length, a curt end to parleys when drawn out, and a rude surprise for enemies.

This is a fantastically fun, non-firing reproduction. Its locks and trigger are fully functional, so you can cock and fire at will (you get a very satisfying mechanical firing response when the trigger is pulled). The pistol is short enough for easy concealment, so it would have been perfect as an emergency weapon or boot gun (provided that you are wearing large cuff boots).

The ornately carved blunderbuss barrel would have allowed multiple shots to be fired at once. The massive, gaping business-end would also have provided a bowel-releasing intimidation factor when pointed.

Masterfully designed and crafted in Spain, this flintlock bears the expert carvings and eye for detail common among the Spanish masters. Every inch of the barrel and locks is magnificently engraved or embossed with patterns and images. The barrel features a screaming (and downright intimidating) crowned and bearded man, surrounded by dynamic patterns of fronds and ropes. The remainder of the gun is a mixture of stylish "redwood" and etched black steel.

The Brusque is the perfect pistol for any pirate costume, as a primary or secondary gun (pirates usually carried several flintlocks since they rarely had time to reload). It's also ideal as a showpiece in a glass case or on a prominent piece of furniture.

Length: 10.5 inches
Weight: 1 lbs.
Captain Henry Morgan's Blunderbuss Flintlock
Captain Henry Morgan's Blunderbuss Flintlock
Mediterranean Boarding Flintlock Pistol, Brass Blunderbuss
Mediterranean Boarding Flintlock Pistol, Brass Blunderbuss

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